18 Young Sarah Jessica Parker Photos Proves She’s Not Ugly

I don’t get it. Why do some people think that Sarah Jessica Parker is ugly? They must be blind, too young and childish, or is an insecure hater with a pea-sized heart filled with nothing but jealousy.

This woman is gorgeous in every page of my book so when SJP was named by Maxim Magazine in 2007 as number 1 on the list of the world’s unsexiest women alive, it got me.

I mean…I was literally pissed!

How can the biggest star in the hottest show on the planet ever, the “Sex and the City”, be given that ridiculous title? It doesn’t make sense and at age 43 (at the time), she shouldn’t even have been on that poll in the first place.

But I guess the world is full of losers like those who mocked her at last year’s Met Gala event. This woman is over 50 for cry out loud and is aging gracefully. Just like your mother, I’m sure she was pretty in her younger days too. Show some respect, please!

To prove my point, I went through all the photos of young Sarah Jessica Parker prior to her SATC fame. I can honestly that she is truly beautiful from the day she was born as these 18 pictures will show.

1. Chubby Baby

Sarah Jessica Parker as a chubby baby

Who would have thought that Sarah Jessica Parker would be so chubby as a baby? A cute little angel with a gorgeous smile spreading happiness to everyone around her.

2. Sister Love

Sarah Jessica Parker shows her sister love in this childhood picture

Among the 8 siblings in the family, Sarah shares a special bond with Rachel Parker, her elder sister whom she shared a room with growing up.

3. Reading With Mom

Young Sarah Jessica Parker reading with her mom

As a child, Sarah’s mom would spend time with her to read books together. This developed a reading habit which proved crucial in her later years.

4. Like A Real Doll

Sarah Jessica Parker look like a real doll when she was young

With beautiful long brown hair and blue eyes, Parker looked like a doll in her childhood.

5. Big Family Photo

Sarah Jessica Parker's big family photo

Here is a rare picture of Sarah Jessica Parker’s entire family having a fun day out together by the great outdoor. In no particular order, her family members here include:

  • Paul Forste (Step Father)
  • Babara Forste (Mother)
  • Pippen Parker (Brother)
  • Timonthy Britten Parker (Brother)
  • Allegra Forste (Sister)
  • Megan Forste (Sister)
  • Aaron D. Forste (Brother)
  • Andrew Forste (Brother)
  • Rachel Parker (Sister)

Yup, it’s a big family alright and this doesn’t even include his real biological father, Stephen Parker, who divorced her mother when she was just 3½ years old.

By the way, did you spot Sarah?

(Hint: Second from the right at the back row)

6. Broadway Musical: Annie

Sarah Jessica Parker performed on Broadway Muscial - Annie

At just 14 years of age, Parker was chosen to play the lead role in “Annie” on Broadway in front of real live audiences. Talk about young talent!

7. Sweet 16 Girl

Sarah Jessica Parker as a sweet 16 year old girl

As you can see, Sarah was transforming into a sweet 16-year-old girl with fluffy bangs, small earrings and minimal makeup. This was apparently a trendy teenager look in the 80s.

8. Adulthood Phase

Sarah Jessica Parker transitioning into her early adulthood phase

Parker is around 18 or 19 years old here and I must admit she got a little lost transitioning into her adulthood phase. Yup, I don’t get the pearl necklace either but hey, we’ve all been through this awkward phase before.

9. Forgotten Romance

Sarah Jessica Parker with Robert Downey Jr in their forgotten romance back then

Do you recognize this guy?

Come on…he looks familiar, doesn’t he?

Yes, it’s our superhero Ironman, Robert Downey, Jr. and they apparently dated for 7 years.

10. Fashion In Her Blood

Sarah Jessica Parker shows off her fashion sense in this madonna inspired outfit

I guess SJP was born with a fashion sense and she’s not afraid to push limits either with this Madonna inspired gold top and Michael Jackson style jacket.

11. Yoga On The Beach

Sarah Jessica Parker practising yoga on the beach

It’s no secret that Sarah has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. Besides being a fan of The Hampton, Mediterranean and South Beach Diet, she also maintains an active lifestyle. Here, we see her doing some yoga workout on the beach.

12. The Rachel Haircut

Sarah Jessica Parker looks like Jennifer Aniston with this Rachel haircut

Is it just me or does Parker look like Jennifer Aniston in her old “Friends” days? She literally has that same “Rachel Haircut”, or maybe just a touch longer. Although it looks good on her and she shares a similar face shape as Jennifer, I still think it’s lacking something, like, a personality.

13. Gothic Parker

Rare gothic look of Sarah Jessica Parker during her earlier career days

Personally, I have never seen a dark side in Sarah like this vampire look you see in the photo. With medium straight black hair, smokey eyes and dark red lipstick, I’d say this is as gothic as Parker has ever gotten during her younger acting days.

14. Bright Teenager

Sarah Jessica Parker look like a bright kid during her teens

Here’s a throwback picture of Parker as a teenager. Sure, she wasn’t exactly the prettiest teen but she wasn’t ugly in her youth either. While she was just an innocent kid, you can sense how bright she was as a person. I really love the ribbon on her hair too!

15. True Love

Since her breakup with Iron Man, Parker met actor Matthew Broderick and they started dating in 1992. This relationship turned out to be true love.

Sarah Jessica Parker found true love dating actor Matthew Broderick

16. Tying The Knot

Sarah Jessica Parker tied the knot in 1997 in this black wedding dress

After the couple dated for 5 years, they tied the knot and got married in 1997. Here’s a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker in her famous black wedding dress, which she apparently regretted wearing. I must admit the gown wasn’t overly impressive.

17. Rise In Fame

Sarah Jessica Parker rose in fame with her role in Sex and the City

Parker’s popularity soared after she took on the role as Carrie Bradshaw in HBO’s popular series “Sex and the City”. This female character was later recognized as one of the greatest in American television. Because of this, Sarah became the style icon of the decade.

18. Famous Blonde Curls

Sarah Jessica Parker became a fashion icon with her blonde curls

As a role model for many women, Parker’s blonde curls became her famous iconic hairstyle. She was young, successful and absolutely beautiful.

So, if anyone ever tells me that she’s ugly, has a horse face or anything along those lines. I’d say read my post for proof. Sarah is gorgeous in my eyes, especially when she was young and I’ll leave it at that.

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