15 Young Dwayne Johnson Photos Before He Became The Rock

Before Dwayne Johnson became the most popular wrestler in the world, he didn’t look anything like ‘The Rock’ we know of today. In fact, I wouldn’t even put my money on him to become a global star.

Thankfully, he proved me wrong. Very wrong indeed.

Not only has Dwayne become the leading WWE pay-per-view wrestler of all time he is also one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood with endless film productions waiting and lining up his big strong muscles.

Of course, the seed was planted into him long ago when he was just a little boy. A boy who turned into an ordinary looking young man who dared to dream. But, just how ordinary looking was he? Check out these 15 pictures of young Dwayne Johnson below to find out.

1. Baby Santa

Baby Dwayne Johnson dressed up as Santa crawling on the floor.

Yay! Baby Dwayne is absolutely adorable dressed up as Santa Claus crawling his way through a pile of gifts. He looks so active, doesn’t he? No wonder why he’s an action movie star.

2. Let’s Play Ball

Little Dwayne Johnson wants to play ball

See, I told you this little guy is active. Now he wants to play ball.

3. Loving Parents

Dwayne Johnson with his loving parents

Born in Hayward, California, Dwayne had a happy early childhood growing up with his loving parents. His dad was a professional wrestler (who would have guessed, right?) and his mother is also from a prolific Samoan wrestling family.

4. Family Genes

Young Dwayne Johnson with his muscular father who has strong genes

If you have been wondering where Dwayne gets his massive body size, well, now you know! These genes clearly run in the family starting from the father to son.

Now, I don’t know why his dad put him in a pink suit here but Dwayne looks like a little girl in this photo. (Try telling him that today…I dare you!)

5. Childhood Friend

Dwayne Johnson childhood friend

It has been reported that Dwayne Johnson didn’t have many childhood friends growing up, except Milton McBride Rosen. He is a Special Olympics athlete with down syndrome and together they have bonded a lifelong friendship.

6. Young Boxer

Dwayne Johnson posing as a young boxer

Dwayne’s childhood world turned upside down when his parents experienced financial hardship. He developed an aggressive personality and would often get into fights in school. He’s probably training for one of those…

7. Middle School Days

Dwayne Johnson in middle school

Perhaps it was a “thing” back in the 80s, young Dwayne certainly changed his look with this afro hairstyle. Doesn’t he look cool? I actually think he looks quite handsome here as his facial features start to show some similarity to The Rock.

On second thought, he kind of reminds me of Bruno Mars too.

8. Notorious Age

Dwayne Johnson at the notorious age of 15

Like many teenagers, Dwayne had his fair share of troublesome at the notorious age of 15. His temper has been soaring since his family was evicted from their home a year ago. He was arrested several times for getting into fights.

He actually looks quite skinny here, like a typical gangsta.

9. High School Football

Dwayne Johnson played high school football

Since attending the Freedom High School in Pennsylvania, Dwayne was introduced to the game of football by the school coach and instantly fell in love with the sport. It was the perfect venue for him to release some of his anger and he was apparently very good at it too.

10. Show Me Mustache

Dwayne Johnson with moustache in yearbook photo

While it’s refreshing to see Dwayne Johnson with a mustache, he looks kind of funny. I guess this is how the yearbook photos work…to look awkward!

11. College Football Scholarship

Dwayne Johnson earned a college football scholarship when he was young

As a promising football prospect, Johnson was offered a full scholarship to study at the University of Miami where he played defensive tackle for the Miami Hurricanes’ national championship team. Check out those thighs!

Sadly, injuries kept him out of the main squad and he eventually graduated with a Bachelor of General Studies in criminology and physiology in 1995.

12. Wrestling Debut

Dwayne Johnson wrestling debut

Dwayne knew at a very young age that hard work is the only way to secure his future, so when his NFL dream was shattered, he quickly put his focus onto professional wrestling.

After numerous tryout matches, he got his first WWE debut (also known as WWF) under the ring name of “Rocky Maivia”. He still looks quite chubby here, don’t you think?

13. The Rock Is Born

Dwayne Johnson changed his ring name to 'The Rock'

Since forming the tag team “Nation of Domination”, Dwayne decided to change his ring name to “The Rock” and has been using it to gain fame and fuel ever since.

14. Full Time Acting

Dwayne Johnson started full time acting in 2005

In 2005, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decided to pursue a full-time career in acting. I honestly can’t believe how young he looks. He still had so much hair back then.

15. Work Those Muscles

Dwayne Johnson working those muscles

How can this article be complete without showing you some of Dwayne’s most valuable assets? His muscles! Looks like those old arms are still going hard, if not harder.

I really like those tattoos too. It makes him look more badass!

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