17 Best Photos of Cardi B When She Was Young

We all know that Cardi B is cool, funky, and has a tint of naughtiness that makes up her unique personality, but have you ever wonder what young Cardi B was like?

Born in Washington Heights and raised in the Bronx, inside the neighborhood of Highbridge, the famous rapper was just an innocent girl who wanted to escape poverty.

So, what was she really like as Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar (real name) before she set the world on fire? How does she look during her childhood? Let’s check out these 17 pictures of Cardi B when she was young to find out.

1. Yellow Dummy

Baby Cardi B with yellow dummy

Instagram / iamcardib

Forget Bodak Yellow for a second people, it seems like Cardi B already had a thing for “Yellow” when she was just a baby. Yes, her cute dummy will tell y’all.

2. Princess Cardi

Little Cardi B dressed up like a princess

Instagram / iamcardib

For some reason, this reminds me of the kid’s version of Princess Jasmine in the Disney’s favorite “Aladdin”. Of course, there’s no Prince Ali around so I can only call her Princess Cardi. Doesn’t she look stunning?

3. Mother and Sister Love

Cardi B with mother and younger sister

Instagram / iamcardib

OMG…I almost cried when I saw the bond between these 3 gorgeous girls. The way the mother looks at Cardi and her little sister, , and the way she held her in her arms. Priceless!

4. The Tongue

Young Cardi B wiggles her tongue

Instagram / iamcardib

As a talented rapper, Cardi B is obviously really good with her tongue. It seem like she’s been practicing her slurring since she was a toddler. Just look how she wiggles that thing.

5. Afro Hair

Young Cardi B with afro hair

Instagram / iamcardib

Here’s a throwback picture of little Cardi B with afro hair. With those shirt and pants, I wonder if Michael Jackson was her idol back then.

6. What a Sweet Girl

Cardi B looks so sweet when she was a little girl

Instagram / iamcardib

Who would have thought that such a sweet girl would become the new queen of rap one day? That smile alone literally melts my heart.

7. Bicardi Freezer

Childhood photo of Cardi B posing like a Bicardi Freezer?

Instagram / iamcardib

Not sure where she was in this photo, but it certainly looks like a cold place. Kind of reminds of the famous Bicardi Bree….Freezer.

8. Proud Sis

Proud Cardi at her sister's kindergarden graduation

Instagram / iamcardib

Although they were kids, you can tell how proud Cardi was seeing her sister graduate from…Kindergarden. Hey, that’s some sis love right there!

9. Young and Pretty

Young Cardi B looks pretty and gorgeous

Instagram / iamcardib

This young girl has one of the prettiest camera faces in America so I guess it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a star. Those hair pieces look absolutely gorgeous on her.

10. Sister Bond

Cardi B with sister Hennessy share a sister bond growing up

Instagram / iamcardib

Here’s another picture of Cardi B and Hennessy during their childhood days. The bond they shared with eachother clearly showed in this shot.

11. Youthful Bride

Cardi B as a youthful bride

Instagram / iamcardib

It appears that Cardi had dream of becoming a bride at a relatively young age. No wonder why she got married so early in her uprising career. A very traditional woman with enormous family values if you ask me…

12. Faith With God

Cardi B has faith with God at a young age

Instagram / iamcardib

In this photo, we can see Cardi dressed in red in what appears to be a Catholic ceremonial of some sort. Now I know she is a Catholic and she’s even mentioned about having a strong relationship with God, but has she ever attended a Catholic school? I’m not so sure.

13. Stylish Cardi

Young Cardi B shows off her stylish taste for fashion

Instagram / iamcardib

Although Cardi B wasn’t born in a rich family, it didn’t stop her from having a good sense of style. A simple hat, light blue dress and a long scarve was enough to show off her stylish little physique.

14. Bright Student

Does Cardi B look like a bright student at elementary school?

Instagram / iamcardib

When Cardi was still in school, she was known by her real name, Belcalis Almanzar. If I’m correct, she probably just graduated from her 5th grade elementary school. Doesn’t she look like a bright student?

15. Birthday Cake

Young Cardi B celebrating her birthday with cake on her face

Instagram / iamcardib

Don’t let her young and innocent look deceive you people! Cardi definitely knew how to party at a young age. Just look at the birthday cake on her face, hair and nose. I’m sure a lot went on behind the scene.

16. Hanging Out With Friends

Teenager Cardi B hanging out with friends

Instagram / iamcardib

Like most young teenagers, Cardi would hang out with her friends to have lunch or dinner. I wonder how many boys she has attracted in that black spotty dress.

17. Class of 2010

Cardi B's yearbook photo at the class of 2010

Instagram / iamcardib

Here is a picture of Cardi B when she was still studying in year 2010. One year later, when she turned 19, she dropped out of school and began stripping. The rest is history…

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