Don’t argue with me. I think Amanda Holden is gorgeous (yes…even at 51).

Every time I see this Britain’s Got Talent judge on TV, I can’t help but wonder what she looked like when she was younger.

If you have been wondering the same, then you’re in luck.

Because I’m going to show you, right now!

1. She looked like a boy

Amanda Holden looked like a boy in childhood

Perhaps it’s the haircut (what was her parents thinking?) but Amanda looked like a young boy during her childhood.

If it wasn’t for that beautiful smile, there is NO WAY I could recognize her.

And I’ll show you why in the next one.

2. This smile belongs to her only

Amanda Holden with her trademark smile

This is Amanda when she was 27 years old.

As you can see, her trademark smile never dies and it looks exactly the same as her boyish youth days (see previous photo).

3. Amanda went on a blind date?

Amanda Holden on Blind Date in 1991

Yes, she did and “Blind Date” was a popular dating game show in Britain back then.

20-year-old Amanda went on the dating show in 1991 and I guess you can say it was her TV debut – Her first time on screen.

4. Sitcom Days

Amanda Holden sitcom days

Amanda started her acting debut in various sitcom series including “Kiss Me Kate”, “The Grimleys” and “Celeb”.

So, this is where her sense of humor comes from.

5. Early modeling gigs

Amanda Holden early modeling work
via Twitter

With a face like that, it was only a matter of time before Amanda would attract some modeling work. I’m not sure how old she was in this picture but she looks young.

And if I’m honest, she was a bit chubby too.

6. Getting back to shape was easy for her

Amanda Holden getting back to shape

I suppose when you’re young and pretty like her, it’s easy to get back to shape. Her metabolism would have been through the roof.

What a fabulous body!

7. First Marriage

Amanda Holden first marriage with Les Dennis

In case you didn’t know, Amanda was much younger than Les Dennis when they got married back in 1995. She was 24 at the time and Les was 42, so there was a 17 year gap between the couple.

I guess you can tell from their wedding photo, right?

8. The vintage look

Amanda Holden vintage look

The actress has certainly been there and done that.


9. Once in a lifetime hairdo?

Amanda Holden once in a lifetime hairdo
via Pinterest

I don’t recall the last time I saw Amanda with a similar hairdo. Maybe I’m wrong but you can definitely carry any hairstyle at a young age.

10. Dangerous Moment

Amanda Holden with leather jacket and short hair

There is something about black leather jackets and short brown hair that makes you look dangerous.

It kind of reminds me of Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds. That was a big hit!

11. The Marilyn Monroe Look

Amanda Holden trying the Maryln Monroe look

I think Amanda was trying the Marilyn Monroe look here with that short blonde and red hot lips. Why not?

When you’re still young, it’s good the play with different styles.

12. She’s got a baby face

Amanda Holden has a baby face

They say that Amanda has a baby face and looking at her throwback picture, I have to agree.

Even though it’s in black and white, she really hasn’t changed all that much.

Can I just say…AMAZING!