I’ve been keeping a close eye on Tom Holland lately.

Not only because Spiderman is one of my favorite movies, but personally, I think he’s kind of cute.

So, I would love to know if this pretty face had plastic surgery.

Let’s find out.

Before and After Photos

I have put together some comparison pictures below. Take a look.

Has Tom Holland had a nose job?

Tom Holland nose job before and after photo compare

I doubt it.

While Tom’s nose does appear to be slimmer than before, I think that’s just his baby fat being lost. His overall nose shape really hasn’t changed much.

So, I don’t believe Tom had a nose job.

Did Tom Holland have a jaw reduction?

Tom Holland jaw reduction before and after photo compare

In case you haven’t noticed, Tom has masculine jaws.

They look a bit smaller in recent years and I think he might have done some work on it.

I’m not saying he’s undergone an actual jaw reduction surgery, but there’s a good chance that he’s been getting botox to relax those jawlines.

What do you think?

Did Tom Holland have work on his teeth?

Tom Holland jaw reduction before and after photo compare

Yes, he did.

Tom had braces when he was younger and this gave him fairly straight teeth.

They were also quite yellow and he’s clearly had them whitened too.


The actor has never said a word about it.

But I think Tom might have gotten cosmetic surgery. Having said that, I doubt he’s had any major work done. Just the small stuff from what I can see.

I guess Spiderman does care about how he looks without the mask.