I’ve been hearing some harsh stories about how Taeyeon is heavily dependent on cosmetics and that she looks ugly without makeup.

Well, I’m NOT buying it, so I took matters into my own hands.

I think this Girls’ Generation star is beautiful and I have 13 reasons to believe that Kim Taeyeon looks just as pretty barefaced.

Check it out.

1. Selfie doesn’t have to look cute

Taeyeon cute no makeup selfie
Instagram @ taeyeon_ss

Well, it doesn’t have to be.

But for this no makeup selfie, Taeyeon looks super cute!

2. Her coffee comes before makeup

Taeyeon loves her coffee

It’s clear that Taeyeon loves her coffee. She rather puts that cup on her face than the makeup. Caffeine will ALWAYS come first!

3. Swimming on the rooftop

Taeyeon at the rooftop swimming pool
Instagram @ taeyeon_ss

I’m having a hard time deciding which is more beautiful. The rooftop swimming pool or Taeyeon’s face without makeup?

But if I had to choose, I’m going with the latter.

4. Looking good under water

Taeyeon looking good under water
via Twitter

Now, let’s take a look at the Kpop singer going under water.

Simply gorgeous!

5. She doesn’t want to drive

Taeyeon doesn't want to drive
via Pinterest

I’m not sure if they drive on the left or right side in Korea. But if Taeyeon was in the driver seat, then it’s obvious she didn’t want to drive.

Did her makeup-free face have anything to do with it? She wasn’t happy.

6. Don’t take photos of me without makeup

Taeyeon hate being seen with no makeup in public

I think it’s safe to say that Taeyeon doesn’t enjoy being taken pictures in public without makeup, especially when she is doing her own thing.

Superstar is also human so I think it is reasonable.

7. Let the wind blow

Taeyeon with wind blowing her hair
via Pinterest

Even though Taeyeon wasn’t camera ready, but when the wind blew onto her hair, she looks so pretty!

Please don’t tell me you don’t agree.

8. The wrong way to wear a face mask

Taeyeon wearing face mask the wrong way
via Twitter

Okay, we all know that is the wrong way to wear a mask but I believe Taeyeon was just have a breather so let’s cut her some slack.

9. Short hair with glasses look

Taeyeon in short hair with glasses
via Reddit

I don’t recall the last time Taeyon with short hair so it’s truly a refreshing look.

She wasn’t wearing eyeshadow but her pair of glasses made up for it. So cute!

10. Korean sleeping beauty

Taeyeon is a Korean sleeping beauty
via onehallyu.com

Want to see the Korean version of sleeping beauty?

Here you go.

11. Just got off the plane

Taeyeon just got off the plane
via Pinterest

The best place to find Taeyeon with no makeup would be at the airport. This was the moment she got off the plane and given that she didn’t even bother to put on eyeliner and lipstick, I believe it must have been a long flight.

12. Minimalist Makeup Look?

Taeyeon with minimalist makeup look
Instagram @ taeyeon_ss

The thing with Korean makeup is that sometimes they are so minimalistic that it’s hard to tell if they are bare-faced or not.

In this case, I think Taeyeon had some face powder on and maybe some contouring. That’s probably it. What do you think?

13. Early morning selfie

Taeyeon early morning selfie
Instagram @ taeyeon_ss

It’s early in the morning and you can’t get a more natural look than this.

You just can’t.