Steve Carell is one of my favorite actors.

I can’t say he’s the handsome type, but he is looking better even in his 60s.

So, I think he may have gotten plastic surgery.

And I will try to prove it.

Before and After Photos

I have done a few comparisons on Steve below. Let’s take a quick peek.

Did Steve Carell have hair transplant?

Steve Carell hair transplant before and after photo compare

A man’s hair can make a huge impact on his appearance.

When Steve was still in “The Office”, he was experiencing hair loss at a rapid rate.

Look at it now! If this is not the result of a hair transplant, I don’t know what it is.

The good thing is he made those hair plugs look natural by not going overboard.

Has Steve Carell had a nose job?

Steve Carell nose job before and after photo compare

This is a “no” for me.

I can’t see any changes to Steve’s nose compared to his younger days.

This is especially evident when he is smiling.

Did Steve Carell get botox and facelift?

Steve Carell botox and facelift before and after photo compare

If we ignore his grey hair, Steve clearly looks younger than before.

His facial skin is reflecting that. There is less sagging below his eyes and on his face cheeks. In fact, his whole face looks rejuvenated.

If I had to guess, I think he’s had a facelift and has been getting botox to reduce wrinkles in certain areas, just like the lines under his eyes.


The evidence is there.

And Steve doesn’t look like the kind of man who has a strong skincare routine so when he finally noticed his aging, cosmetic surgery was probably his only option.

His pictures seem to confirm that. He looks great!