As an avid fan of Shania Twain, I can’t help but wonder if she’s had some work done to maintain her stunning appearance.

I mean, she is turning 58 this year (August) but looks like she hasn’t aged a day!

So yes, I’m suspecting plastic surgery magic here.

Don’t you?

Before and After Photos

I’ll show you some pictures to prove it too!

Did Shania Twain have a facelift?

Shania Twain facelift before and after comparison photo

The evidence is pointing towards a yes.

Shania’s face looks smoother and more lifted than it was several years ago.

It’s quite possible that a facelift has been discreetly performed, which wouldn’t be surprising given how many celebrities opt for this procedure.

And let’s be honest, the end result is stunning!

Did Shania Twain get botox injections?

Shania Twain botox before and after comparison photo

When Shania flashes that million-dollar smile, it’s hard not to notice the striking fullness and smoothness of her cheeks.

Her whole face just looks plumper and less wrinkled.

So, I think she may have had a little botox intervention.

Has Shania Twain had a boob job?

Shania Twain boob job before and after comparison photo

It’s a pass from me.

While Shania’s body is undeniably banging (Yes, at 57!), her cup size seems to have remained the same since before she hit it big.

She might have gotten a breast lift, I’m not sure, but there are no telltale signs of breast implants from where I’m sitting.

What about Shania’s teeth?

Shania Twain teeth before and after comparison photo

When Shania first came onto the music scene, her teeth gaps were as noticeable as the neon signs in Vegas.

It’s clear that she’s invested in a little dental TLC since then.

I gotta say, the end result is as flawless as her chart-topping hits.


Shania’s voice is like a drug to my ears – I can’t get enough!

And let’s be real, even after all these years, she still looks like a total babe.

Sure, she may have had a little help from cosmetic surgery, but I say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!