Nicolas Cage, a living legend at 59. You’ve seen him don many faces on screen, but what about the one he wears off-camera?

We all know that time stops for no one, not even for the most charismatic faces.

So, when I heard whispers about his possible plastic surgery intervention, I knew it was time to step in.

And discover the truth!

Before and After Photos

Let’s dive into Nicolas’ before and after shots, playing detective on the actor’s alleged cosmetic procedures.

Did Nicolas Cage have botox?

Nicolas Cage botox before and after photo comparison

I’m seeing some plumpness on Nicolas’ cheekbones when he’s smiling. But it’s hard to say whether Botox is at play here.

The laugh lines are there and the smile seems genuine, yet there’s a hint of moderation, a subtle enhancement that points to facial fillers.

Even if it’s true, I don’t think he’s overdoing it because everything looks natural

Did Nicolas Cage get a facelift?

Nicolas Cage facelift before and after photo comparison

At one stage, Nicolas’ face carried a saggy appearance. The gravitational pull seemed to have its say, with his facial skin yielding to the passage of time.

However, there’s been a subtle shift. His visage appears smoother – sure, makeup might contribute, but there’s a noticeable tightening and uplifting around the cheeks and jawline.

Considering these changes, it’s likely that Nicolas might have undergone a facelift.

Has Nicolas Cage had a nose job?

Nicolas Cage nose job before and after photo comparison

I don’t see significant differences here.

Nicolas has a lengthy nose, and the overall shape seems relatively unchanged. The bridge, tip, and wings all maintain a striking similarity.

While there might be a few bumps and bruises accumulated over the years, let’s not forget his history as an action star.

Did Nicolas Cage have hair transplant?

Nicolas Cage nose job before and after photo comparison

There’s been quite a buzz about Nicolas getting a hair transplant, especially after glimpses of his recent role in “Sympathy for the Devil.”

However, I’ve compared many photos of his head and the reality appears to be different. His hair seems to adapt to the characters he portrays on screen.

So, I believe Nicolas may be relying on the versatility of fake hair, toupees, or a hair system to seamlessly fit the roles and conceal any imperfections.

What about his teeth?

Nicolas Cage teeth before and after photo comparison

When Nicolas first hit Hollywood, his teeth weren’t stealing the spotlight. They were crooked, uneven, with gaps that weren’t doing him any favors.

But fast forward to stardom, and voila! The gaps are history, the teeth are even, rocking a brighter look, and is much easier on the eyes.

My bet? Serious dental work and veneers seem to be on the list.


No doubt, Nicolas has put some effort into his appearance over the years. One thing that stood out are his pearly whites.

Although minimal, I’m also seeing signs of cosmetic work done to his face. The actor has not said a word, but I have my suspicions.

Whether it’s fine wine or a secret anti-aging arsenal, Cage keeps us guessing, proving that the best roles aren’t just on the screen