12 Shocking Nicki Minaj No Makeup Photos Captured

Everyone knows that Nicki Minaj has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, but let’s be honest here…that sh*t is getting boring!

So today, and for today only, let’s just focus on Nicki’s face instead. Yes, I’m talking about those long eyelashes, black mascaras and pink lipsticks that make up her rap queen look.

But then, on second thought, many beauty experts have already dissected her makeup styles. So, nothing exciting either…

What if I change the game and show you 12 photos of Nicki Minaj without makeup? Yes, I’m talking about real pictures captured on screen where she had absolutely no makeups on. And I must admit, they are really shocking! Shockingly stunning that is.

Check them out.

1. Street Look

Nicki Minaj street look

via Twitter

I’m not exactly sure what happened here and why our queen had no cosmetics on in broad daylight. She seemed to have been caught off guard by her fans, but she looks fabulous!

2. Forgotten Performance

Nicki Minaj forgotten performance

via Facebook

Has she forgotten something? I mean, it’s not often we see Nicki performing without makeup. You just don’t see it. Maybe she thought the pink hoodie was enough to divert the attention away from her face? I don’t know.

3. Sticker Photo Booth

Nicki Minaj sticker photo booth

Instagram / nickiminaj

Photo booths are meant to be pretty and fun. Nicki seems to be enjoying both sides of the table, and she did it without her eyeshadows and lipsticks too. Well done girl!

4. Freestyle MTV

Before Minaj had professional makeup artists and stylists by her side, she was just a struggling artist trying to make a name for herself. Here’s how she looked back then in her freestyle rap MTV “Dirty Money”.

5. Bandana Homie

Nicki Minaj bandana homie

via Pinterest

When you dress up like a homie with a bandana around your forehead, there is simply no place for make-up.

6. Prom Queen

Nicki Minaj prom queen

via Pinterest

This is exactly why I think Nicki Minaj is one of the most beautiful female artists around. Without those heavy eyeliners and foundations, she looks like a prom queen.

7. Shower Selfie

Nicki Minaj in the shower

Instagram / nickiminaj

Who wears makeup in the shower? Certainly not her and I’m just glad she posted this selfie on her social media. This is perhaps the closest we’ll ever get to her natural “face”.

8. Sunglasses Cover Up

This is what happens when you see Nicki dressing up casually and is lazy to do her eye makeup. She just wears a big pair of sunglasses to cover them up. Smart girl!

9. Before The Show

Nicki Minaj before the show

via Pinterest




Oh hang on…where are her eyeliners, lashes and mascaras?

10. Beach Look

Nicki Minaj beach look

via Twitter

Rumor has it that Nicki Minaj doesn’t like going to the beach, so why was spotted here wearing a scarf over her bikini, and without makeup too? Well, you got me on this one.

11. Natural Bareface

Nicki Minaj natural bareface

via Pinterest

When you have youth on your side, your face really doesn’t need any powders or foundations to cover up. By all means, just show people your most natural and bare face side. Whether you have blemishes or not, I’m sure people will still find you attractive.

12. Rare No Makeup Scene

This image was captured from August Alsina’s music video “No Love” back in 2014. Apparently, not many people noticed this rare no makeup scene in the MV. I certainly missed it.

So, there you have it Minaj clans.

I hope this is enough to show you how incredibly gorgeous Nicki looks with or without the beauty products. I know…shocking, right?

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