When I first saw Nessa Barrett in her music video “La Di Die”, I was intrigued by her amazing voice.

But there was something about her appearance that didn’t seem natural.

In fact, it had plastic surgery written all over it.

So, I just needed to do this.

Before and After Photos

I have done some comparisons on the TikTok star. Let’s see what we have found.

Has Nessa Barrett had a nose job?

Nessa Barrett nose job before and after photo compare

Besides her nose ring, I couldn’t see much differences here.

Nessa’s nose tip and nose bridge looks quite similar in both of these pictures.

So, I don’t believe she had her nose done.

Did Nessa Barrett get lip fillers?

Nessa Barrett lip fillers before and after photo compare

Yes, she did.

The singer has admitted publicly that she has been getting lip injections. To be honest, I think it is obvious. Her top lip used to be much thinner.

But to her credit, Nessa has been quite candid about it and even shot a video on the procedure with her plastic surgeon.

Check it out.

You just cannot get more honest than this.

Did Nessa Barrett have a boob job?

Nessa Barrett boob job before and after photo compare

I don’t think so.

There is not enough evidence to suggest that Nessa had breast implants. Her bust size hasn’t changed much from the time she first stepped onto the scene.

At best, she may be using push-ups to make her chest look bigger, which most women do nowadays.

Did Nessa Barrett have botox?

Nessa Barrett botox before and after photo compare

Nessa does have big jaws.

So while the singer has been countering those wide jawlines with lip fillers, she might be using botox to amplify the results.

I think Nessa is trying to achieve the big lips and slim face looks, so the possibility here is quite high.


There is not much left to say.

Nessa has already admitted to her cosmetic surgery in public. They are minor procedures on her lips, just like she said.

Other than that, she could be getting facial fillers as well because that’s all I can see.

And if someone had asked her about it, I’m pretty sure she will come clean too.