It’s crazy how different Neekolul looks with and without makeup.

If I bumped into her on the street and she was barefaced, then I probably wouldn’t recognize her.

I’m not kidding, and you will feel the same way after seeing these.

1. Don’t feel like driving

Neekolul don't feel like driving

This looks like one of those days when Neekolul just can’t be bothered doing anything, including driving and putting her makeup on.

It’s ok. I get it.

2. Who is this blue hair girl?

Neekolul with blue hair

Trust me, I have seen Neekolul with blue hair before and this is not it.

I guess the no makeup look really backfired, huh?

3. How about red hair then?

Neekolul with red hair

Sorry, but no.

Neekolul still looks like a different person without makeup, regardless of hair color.

4. She had really dark skin

Neekolul with dark skin

This was Nicole Sanchez (real name) at 15 or 16 years old. She had dark skin tone because she played multiple sports and walked home every day under the sun.

If Neekolul hadn’t posted this, I wouldn’t have believed it.

5. High school days

Neekolul at school

Here’s another no makeup photo of Neekolul when she was still at school.

Her skin color has gotten a bit lighter but it’s still amazing how white she looks now compared to this.

6. Staying away from the beach

Neekolul at the beach

You don’t often see Neekolul at the beach, especially these days because she wants to stay away from the sun.

So, it was a rare moment for her. She looked happy though even without makeup.

7. Tiktok and live streams became her life

Neekolul making tiktok video

She stayed mostly indoor to make TikTok videos and Twitch live streams.

Needless to say, it worked out for Neekolul. Her ‘Ok Boomer’ video has gone viral and she became an overnight success.

8. Getting ready for gaming stream

Neekolul getting ready for a gaming stream

This was the time when Neeko was preparing for a live gaming stream wearing little to no makeup. Her popularity was soaring.

9. Doing a live workout

Neekolul working out live

Here, we have Neekolul doing a live workout for her viewers.

The fact that she wasn’t wearing makeup shows that she was ready for sweat.

10. Her most natural face, by far!

Neekolul baby photo

I will finish this off with Neekolul’s purest and most natural face ever.

Yes, it’s her baby picture!