I don ‘t need to remind you that Natalie Portman is a stunning actress with an impressive list of award-winning movies under her belt.

But her recent appearance has led to plastic surgery speculations and some fans firmly believed that the 41-year-old actress has had work done.

Portman, who is notoriously private about her personal life, has not confirmed or denied the rumors.

So, it’s up to me to find out the truth.

Did Natalie Portman have a nose job?

Natalie Portman nose job before and after photo compared

Very unlikely.

Besides the nostrils, every part of Natalie’s nose looks identical to me. This includes her nose tip and nasal bridge which is like a direct copy.

I can’t see a nose job here.

Has Natalie Portman had botox?

Natalie Portman botox before and after photo compared

At 41, Natalie has done well to keep her wrinkles at bay, but I think botox might have helped her out.

The laugh lines along her jawline seem to have faded a bit and I’m seeing some puffiness on her face cheeks too.

These could be signs of fillers.

Did Natalie get a boob job?

Natalie Portman boob job before and after photo compared

Natalie is known for her slim body and small chest.

Nothing has changed so it’s obvious that she did not get breast implants,

She most likely never will.

Did Natalie have work on her teeth?

Natalie Portman teeth before and after photo compared

She does have nice teeth.

However, I can see some yellow stains on them that has been corrected with teeth whitening and good dental hygiene.

There is no evidence of any other dental work including braces and veneers.


Natalie has said in interviews that she is not against cosmetic surgery and that’s probably why I’m seeing some minor things being done.

Nothing invasive and it’s most likely for anti-aging purposes only.