This may sound harsh (sorry) but if it wasn’t for Ben Simmons, I probably wouldn’t have remembered who Maya Jama is.

All I can recall is that she is a “beautiful” woman who did television work and there was a time when I thought she was simply another plastic surgery doll.

But…perhaps she really is?

Okay, I’m curious now.

Before and After Photos

To find out if Maya had any work done, I have compared some of her past and present pictures. See them for yourself.

Has Maya Jama had a nose job?

Maya Jama nose job before and after photo compare

I’ve used Maya’s school photo for this comparison.

As you can see, she was already a pretty girl back then. Her nose shape hasn’t changed much especially when she is smiling.

This is enough for me to say that she’s never had a nose job.

Did Maya Jama have lip fillers?

Maya Jama lip fillers before and after photo compare

Maya has naturally thick lips.

I can’t see any reason why she’ll need to plump them further with lip injections. All she need is makeup and it can be easily done.

So, I’m saying “no” for this one.

Did Maya Jama get botox?

Maya Jama botox before and after photo compare

I see what’s happening here.

Maya’s face cheeks are quite full and it can be mistaken for botox by some. They are natural volumes as far as I’m concerned.

This woman is not even 30 so I don’t think she has done anything to her face.

Did Maya Jama have a boob job?

Maya Jama boob job before and after photo compare

I highly doubt it.

Maya have always had a gorgeous body. There was a period when she has put on some weight and her breast size followed.

So, I don’t believe they are fake implants.


This may surprise you.

But I think Maya’s beauty is natural and she has never gotten cosmetic surgery. This goes for both her face and body.

I guess it’s all good genes and Ben Simmons is a lucky man (unless…they…hmmm).