When I saw Maria Bartiromo on Fox News the other day, I thought she looked pretty good for her age.

I’m not a fan of Wall Street, but if someone told me that Maria had plastic surgery, I want to take a closer look.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing today.

Did Maria Bartiromo have botox?

Maria Bartilomo botox before and after photo compared

Okay, there has been moments where Maria’s face looks slightly puffy. This can easily be mistaken for botox.

But I think the financial journalist has simply gained weight and the additional fat has reflected on her face.

From what I can see, Maria is aging gracefully. At least for now.

Did Maria Bartiromo get lip injections?

Maria Bartilomo lip injections before and after photo compared

I doubt it.

Maria has naturally plumped lips and they gave her a nice mouth shape. So, you will be forgiven for thinking that she’s had lip fillers.

But I have never seen Maria with swollen or botox lips. They have natural thickness and Maria easily enhance them with lipstick alone.

So, this is a “no” for me.

Has Maria Bartiromo had a nose job?

Maria Bartilomo nose job before and after photo compared

Well, her nose looks the same to me.

Maria has an eagle nose shape and a hooked tip. It will be very easy to see if her nose had been worked on.

I’m seeing nothing here.


Whether you saw Maria on the news or on her Sunday morning futures TV show, you have to agree that this woman is looking great at 55.

I’m sure she has some work going on in the anti-aging department, but cosmetic surgery doesn’t seem to be part of the routine.

Unless they are really minor procedures, then it’s hard to tell.