Brown hair may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Margot Robbie, but let me tell you, it’s a look that suits her oh-so-well.

In fact, there have been many moments where her luscious brunette locks had us filled with full-on hair envy.

Check out these 13 pictures to see why!

1. Shoulder Length Bob with Assassin Bangs

Margot Robbie shoulder length bob with bangs
via Twitter

Margot absolutely slays this assassin-inspired look, complete with a shoulder-length bob and edgy bangs. The dark style perfectly complements her features, and the blunt cut gives her a strong and powerful appearance.

By the way, it’s just a wig…but she carried it to perfection!

2. Elegant Brunette Lady in Red

Margot Robbie brunette lady in red
via Pinterest

The actress turned heads with her elegant long brown hair styled in a sleek straight cut, parted down the middle and beautifully curled at the ends. And the richness of the brunette hue matched seamlessly with her stunning red dress.

This is what a true Hollywood icon looks like!

3. Modern Cleopatra Hairdo

Margot Robbie with Cleopatra hairdo
via Pinterest

Margot looks like a modern-day Cleopatra with this stunning hairpiece and matching attire. The intricate hairdo complements her features and adds a touch of royalty to her appearance.

4. Invisible Headband

Margot Robbie with brown headband that looks invisible in her hair
via Youtube

Margot looks effortlessly chic with this messy, wavy long hair that features a brown headband that almost looks invisible.

5. The No-Fuss Look

Margot Robbie with messy medium straight hair tucked behind her ears
via Reddit

Margot’s hair is like her attitude – no-fuss, straight to the point and absolutely stunning! Her medium-length mane, tucked behind her ear, gives off a laid-back and effortless vibe that screams “I woke up like this.”

The best part? It’s a low-maintenance look that still makes her look like a million bucks.

6. Brunettes Can Also Bring the Fun and Glam!

Margot Robbie wearing glamorous brunette curls
via Pinterest

The “Barbie” star looks absolutely stunning with her glamorous curls, complemented by a diamond necklace and dark red lips. She proves that blondes don’t always have more fun!

7. Her Shortest Hairstyle Ever

This is Margot Robbie's shortest hairstyle ever
via Facebook

Margot’s latest role in “Amsterdam” required a drastic change in her hairdo, and boy did she deliver! Although it was just a wig, her shortest haircut yet was still a sight to behold.

The cropped style not only framed her face perfectly but also accentuated her features, making her look like a total badass.

8. Bike Riding in Style

Margot Robbie riding her bike in style
via Pinterest

Margot pedals through town on her bicycle, showcasing her style and grace. Her long brown locks sway gently in the breeze, creating a natural and captivating beauty that’s impossible to ignore.

9. Bun-Tastic for Any Night Out!

Margot Robbie with side parted hair bun
via Twitter

When it comes to fashion, Margot is the real deal. She makes a simple side-parted hair bun, smoky eyes, and a gray outfit look like a minimalist masterpiece. We’re taking notes for our next night out.

10. The Gym Hairstyle That Rocks Any Occasion

Margot Robbie looks like she's heading to the gym in this hairstyle
via Pinterest

Margot knows how to rock even the most mundane look. She tied up her brunette hair as if she’s heading to the gym for a workout, but she was actually attending an event.

11. Throwing it back to Old Hollywood Vibes!

Margot Robbie vintage middle parted hairdo
via Youtube

That vintage-style updo with a middle part screams “I’m fabulous” louder than your ex at a karaoke bar. Margot’s got it, and we’re loving it.

12. Ribbon Hair Bows aren’t just for Little Girls

Margot Robbie with hair bow tied with black ribbon
via Pinterest

Whoever said bows were for little girls clearly hasn’t seen Margot’s hair game. Her simple black bow paired with big gold earrings screams “Bow chic wow wow” in style. Brown hair never looked so good!

13. Winter Street, Lazy Hair – Still Winning!

Margot Robbie with messy hair bun on the street
via Twitter

Looks like Margot’s hair game is so strong that even a lazy “Tie it all back” style couldn’t stop her from slaying the winter streets. Who needs the perfect brunette when you you can rock that cool-girl vibe like a boss?