I think Lauren Sanchez looks fabulous for her age, but there’s a little “je ne sais quoi” in her looks that’s got me raising an eyebrow.

With a net worth of $30 million, she can afford any plastic surgery she wants – No need for Jeff Bezos to chip in!

So, I’m not imagining this guys.

Perhaps it’s better to let her pictures do the talking.

Before and After Photos

These comparisons should tell us what procedures Lauren may have done.

Did Lauren Sanchez have botox?

Lauren Sanchez botox before and after photo compared

At times, Lauren’s facial appearance appears slightly swollen, especially from specific camera angles.

Her face cheeks seem notably plump, and wrinkles are barely visible.

These indications suggest that she may have opted for botox and dermal fillers, which appear to be effectively fulfilling their intended purpose.

Has Lauren Sanchez had a facelift?

Lauren Sanchez face before and after photo compared

I don’t believe so.

While Lauren’s face exudes a smooth and firm appearance, this could be attributed to her diligent skincare routine and the potential use of fillers.

There is not enough evidence to support the idea of a facelift. This procedure doesn’t seem necessary for her at this point.

Did Lauren Sanchez get lip injections?

Lauren Sanchez lips before and after photo compared

Highly likely.

The contrast between Lauren’s upper and lower lips is evident. In fact, their size appears to have doubled, creating a distinctly plump and pillow-like feel.

It strongly suggests that lip fillers have been used.

Does Lauren Sanchez have breast implants?

Lauren Sanchez boob job before and after photo compared

You know what? I’m going all in with a “yes”!

Lauren’s breast size have taken quite the growth spurt, blossoming a few cups larger since her younger days. The shape is also shouting “implants” from where I’m sitting.

Now, even though the former news anchor hasn’t spilled the beans on a boob job, the evidence is hard to ignore.


It’s clear that Lauren Sanchez possesses the power to buy her way to everlasting allure.

The evidence at hand strongly suggests that cosmetic surgery may be her go-to secret for maintaining her captivating charm.

The sparkle in Bezos’ eyes speaks volumes, a clear testament that her beauty (along with her intellect and personality) knows how to cast spells on even the most powerful hearts.

(Featured Image Credit: Instagram @ laurenwsanchez)