They don’t hide it anymore.

Big Latto is another rapper who has confessed to having plastic surgery. At least, she has openly admitted that she has fake breasts.

But, I feel like there are more procedures that she hasn’t disclosed to the world.

So I’m going to find out by myself.

Before and After Photos

The following comparisons should tell us “every” enhancement that Latto has done. FYI…I did not hold back!

Did Latto have lip injections?

Latto lip injections before and after photo compare

Latto’s lips are naturally plumped.

She doesn’t need lip fillers to do the work. If she wants to enhance them further, all she needs are lipstick and lip plumper.

So, this is a clear “no” from me.

Has Latto had a nose job?

Latto nose job before and after photo compar

I thought she did.

Latto actually has a very nice nose shape that I honestly thought has been worked on. But, I couldn’t find any evidence.

Her nose bridge and tip has hardly changed over the years so I don’t believe she’s had a nose job. It is real!

Did Latto have a boob job?

Latto boob job before and after photo compare

Well, she said it herself.

Latto got her breast implants last year and has been loving it ever since.


Did Latto get a butt lift

Big Latto butt lift before and after photo compare

This is an area of Latto’s body where I’m most curious about.

The rapper has never said a word about her buttocks but I think she has done something to them. Maybe an injection or a Brazilian butt lift.

Her rear end has gone up a gear, don’t you think?


It’s obvious that Latto has not told us “everything”.

But she hasn’t been shy about her cosmetic surgery either so maybe if someone had asked her in an interview, she may tell us more about her incredible body.

For now, her face seems to be clean and I’ll leave it at that.