Kylie Jenner has two private jets

While I was taking a deep look inside Kylie Jenner’s private jet the other day, I found out that she actually owns 2 private planes.

And I have pictures to prove it!

I’m also the FIRST PERSON in the world to have reported this because NO media has picked up on it. Period.

From what I had gathered, I believe one jet is for her company, Kylie Cosmetics, and the other is for her personal leisure. The aircraft models are not the same with one clearly larger and more modern than the other.

Let’s take a look at the differences.

1. KYLIESKIN Logo is missing

KYLIESKIN jet logo

On the Kylie Skin jet, you can clearly see the logo near the doorway. It doesn’t exist on her personal jet (let’s call it KylieAir for reference sake).

2. Cabin window shape is different

Kylie Skin Jet Cabin Windows

The Kylieskin jet has six oval shaped windows, while the KylieAir jet has 15 rectangular cabin windows. I guess you can tell which one is more advanced, has more capacity and facilities.

3. Single Pink vs Double Pink Stripes

Kylie Skin Jet pink stripe

There are two different stripe designs on the exterior of these planes. On the Kylieskin jet, there is only 1 pink stripe, while on the other, there are 2 pink stripes.

4. The stairs are simply no match

Kylie Skin jet stairs

Kylie’s company jet has a rather old school entrance and boring looking stairs. Kylie’s personal jet, on the other hand, has a modern and stylish stairs that comes with lights too.

5. Size, model and price difference

Kylie jets side by side

By now, I’m sure you’re totally convinced that Kylie owns 2 private jets and there is a noticeable size difference between the two.

The company plane is visibly smaller and after doing some research, I found out that they belong to different manufacturers and with a huge price gap.

KylieSkin Jet

Manufacturer: Gulfstream
Model: G450
Price: $12,750,000 (estimate based on several sources)

KylieAir Jet (Personal Use)

Manufacturer: Bombardier
Model: Global 7500
Price: $72,800,000 (based on media reports)

It’s obvious the company aircraft is used for promotional purposes only, and to interact with fans and customers. Since the Gulstream G450 model has ceased production in 2017, I believe Kylie bought it second hand and refurbished it to her requirements. Even though it is 5x cheaper (could be more) than Jenner’s personal jet, it’s still a high price to pay.

As expected, the more advanced Bombardier Global 7500 is her personal use, as well as the Kardashian family. So, the expensive price tag makes perfect sense since they are only into things that are high end.

I mean, aren’t we used to the Kardashians yet?