As the leading style icon for over 2 decades, it seems like Kim Kardashian has finally run out of ideas. Unless, of course, she is deliberately going vintage!

On Tuesday, Kim debuted a new set of fluffy bleached eyebrows and a Farrah Fawcett hairstyle on the September 2022 issue of Interview Magazine. Needless to say, the internet has gone wild, again.

Kim K blonde hair and bleached eyebrows
Instagram @ kimkardashian

At first glance, I thought Kim was wearing a blonde wig. But she mentioned that she’s dyeing her hair to the roots, so I don’t think it’s fake.

This shoulder length blonde looks fun though and is sooooo 70s!

Kim K in crocodile leather jacket with blonde hair
Instagram @ kimkardashian

And if Kim’s hair wasn’t enough to bring back the vintage vibe, this black crocodile leather jacket will certainly do the trick.

Kim Kardashian blonde brows with spiked choker look
Instagram @ kimkardashian

Now, if you’re still not satisfied, Kim has thrown in an extra spiked choker for a baddass half gothic look. I’m not sure if it goes with the light blonde brows though. But, you’ve got to give it to her for trying everything!

Kim K white chic look
Instagram @ kimkardashian

Of course, Kim can turn into a modern white chic with a flick of a switch – She only needs blonde hair, tank top, baggy jeans and did I say jock strap???

But not everyone is buying into the Skims founder’s sudden shift of style with entrepreneur Ashlee Ray being the most vocal calling it “Kim K’s White Woman Era.”

Personally, I don’t have a problem with either blonde or black hair Kim posing in front of the American flag. She’s got every right.

But, let’s leave this debate for another day.

WAIT…Kim is NOT done yet!

As we all know, Kim will never let the camera out of the building until it gets a proper shot of her famous backside.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you this issue’s front cover.

I suppose this sums up the definition of the American Dream.