I’ve been wondering if Kiernan Shipka had any work done.

I mean, she is a beautiful woman but there is something odd about her face and body that seems a bit unnatural.

Nothing matters though without proof.

So, I created these comparison photos.

Before and After Photos

Yes, I have compared a number of images of Kiernan and came up with these side-by-side pictures. See them for yourself!

Did Kienan Shipka have a nose job?

Kienan Shipka nose job before and after comparison photo

I went back to Kienan’s childhood for this one.

As you can see, there is not much difference to her overall nose shape. She still has that same hooked nose tip when looking front on.

Her nose bridge does look thinner though but that can come with maturity and the loss of baby fat.

So, I don’t believe she had her nose done.

Has Kienan Shipka had lip fillers?

Kienan Shipka lip fillers before and after comparison photo

I had my doubts.

Kiernan’s lips are not naturally thick, especially her top lip. And I have seen moments where it suddenly increased in size.

However, I think it’s just lipstick rather than lip injections as some people have claimed.

Did Kienan Shipka get a boob job?

Kienan Shipka boob job before and after comparison photo

There are times when Shipka’s breasts look much fuller than it is.

It depends on the way she dresses, whether she is using push-up tops, etc.

I guess this means Shipka did not have a boob job. The way her chest lifts and falls at will is enough to convince me that those are not implants.


I was wrong about the “Swimming with Sharks” actress.

It turns out that Kiernan did not have plastic surgery after all, not even minor works.

Everything on her face seems natural and the same can be said about her body too.