18 Most Natural Katy Perry Without Makeup Photos

Whether you are in love with her beautiful face or amazing voice, Katy Perry is a superstar who does use a fair amount of makeups.

So, I’m sure you’ve been wondering what she’ll look like without her eyeshadows, lipstick, mascaras, and so on.

I mean, would she look ordinary once all the cosmetics are removed?

See for yourself.

1. Caught by surprise

Katy Perry caught by surprise

Being in the show business means you’re always in front of the cameras, but this doesn’t mean you won’t be caught by surprise. Apparently, she got caught without makeups too!

2. Seriously thick eyebrows

Katy Perry with thick eyebrows

I seriously don’t know what happened here, guys. She either was looking for some inspiration to her new song or she just plain out forgot to trim her eyebrows. I think it’s the later.

3. Having a swim

Katy Perry having a swim

Unless you’re wearing waterproof makeups, nobody can look this good when they are swimming. So, why does Katy still look so pretty in the water? I guess she’s born with it.

4. Recording in a studio

Katy Perry recording in a studio

When Katy isn’t performing in a concert or live show, she likes to keep things pure and natural. Check out this picture of her recording a song in a studio. Does she sing better without makeup and costumes on? I’m not so sure, but at least she looks comfortable.

5. Bandana look

Katy Perry in bandana

Don’t worry. Katy is not sick and she doesn’t have cancer either (where did that come from?). She is just having a ball day in the styling department testing out her new banana look.

What do you think?

6. Funny face

Katy Perry pulls a funny face without makeup

We all know that Katy Perry has one of the funniest personalities in the music industry. Yup, she loves making funny faces on cameras. But have you ever seen one where she had no makeup on? Well, here it is.

7. Kid in a candy store

Katy Perry like a kid in a candy store

What’s making Katy so happy all of a sudden? She’s like a kid in a candy store! Oh…I guess it must have something to do with her outfit. It looks delicious!

8. Nobody sees me

Katy Perry don't want anyone to see her

Either the international recognized singer was playing detective or she didn’t want anyone to notice her. Wearing a pair of eyeglasses, a beanie and without makeup, you’ll have to look twice to know it’s Katy Perry. Well done, paparazzi.

9. Before a good show

Katy Perry before a show start

It’s obvious that Katy was preparing for a show but she seems to be looking for someone rather urgently. Oh, I get it. She’s looking for her makeup artist, right?

10. Who’s the baby?

Katy Perry with a baby

If I didn’t know Katy Perry don’t have kids, I honestly would think that she’s the mother of this baby. Just look at her gorgeous smile. So pretty and full of motherly love!

Too bad I couldn’t say the same about the little one. He looks confused.

11. Walking on the street

Katy Perry walking on the street in Adidas

I understand why celebrities don’t like being seen in public. Fans would stop them to take a picture, sign an autograph, etc. In this case, Katy gets in her black Adidas tracksuit clothes and sunglasses trying to look as ordinary as possible.

Perhaps it was the nose ring but she got found out.

12. Putting it on

Katy Perry putting makeup on

Ever wonder what Katy Perry look like in the process of putting makeups on? Well, here’s one on Vogue.

13. At the beach

Katy Perry at the beach

I have always been a big fan of Katy’s short blonde hair. I honestly think she looks freshtastic! In saying that, I have yet to find a picture of her in short blonde and makeup-free…until now! What better ways to spot it than at the beach, right?

On a closer look, I think she did have waterproof eyelids and eyeliners here (Damn it!). Sorry guys, but this was the closest I could get to.

14. Worrying signs

Katy Perry showing some worrying signs on her face

There appear to be some worrying signs showing on Katy’s face. Was she watching a scary movie? I honestly don’t know but something was clearly causing her distress. This is particularly evident when she didn’t have any powders on.

15. Bonding with nature

Katy Perry bonding with nature

Was Katy in some sort of “bonding with mother nature” camp? She certainly looks natural and refreshing here with her hippie outfit together with one of the purest smiles I have witnessed.

16. Poodle walking

Katy Perry poodle walking

Who needs to look like a star when you’re just taking your dog for a walk. It’s ok Katy, you can let go of your poodle and let it walk. I’m sure it will love you no matter what.

17. Turning back the clock

Katy Perry turning back the clock

Before I finish wrapping this up, I just wanted to remind everyone that Katy Perry is a true beauty with makeup or not. Here is a photo of her when she was just 18 years old and still finding her way into the business.

Without heavy blushes, foundation and concealers, she is an angel.

18. Let’s go full on

Katy Perry in full on mode

How can I let you go without showing you Katy Perry in full on mode? I don’t know what to make of her teeth and eyelashes though, enjoy!

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