It’s official guys!

Our beautiful Columbian singer, Karol G, has admitted to having ONE plastic surgery procedure when she turned 18.

Which one? And was that the only work she has done?

Let’s find out below.

Before and After Photos

Nothing makes sense without photo proof, so….here we go.

Did Karol G get lip injections?

Karol G lip injections before and after photo compared

Here’s a picture of Karol G when she was 14, dated back in 2005.

As you can see, her natural lips are quite thick even without the help of lip fillers.

Sure, Karol G’s top lip can look abnormally plumped at times, but this can be achieved with makeup since her natural pouts already did half the work.

Did Karol G have a nose job?

Karol G nose job before and after photo compared

I don’t believe so.

From this angle, you can see that Karol G’s nose shape looks similar to her younger self. This includes the tip, bridge and both wings of her nose.

A nose job didn’t happen.

Does Karol G have breast implants?

Karol G breast implants before and after photo compared


During an interview, Karol G has admitted to having a boob job as soon as she turned 18, the legal age to accept this procedure.

I guess she just wasn’t happy with her chest size.

Has Karol G had a butt lift?

Karol G butt lift before and after photo compared

I’m still on the edge with this one.

Karol G’s butt size has most certainly gotten bigger, but at the same time, the rest of her body has gotten thicker too.

This includes her lower body and thighs, so she could have trained for that booty rather than getting a BBL.


I think she’s telling the truth.

Ever since Karol G has openly admitted to having work done, there is simply no reason for her to hide other enhancements.

She has achieved every success she could, so why hide?