I can’t believe Jeanine Pirro is 71 years old!

She looks 60 to me so if you’re saying that plastic surgery has nothing to do with her stunning appearance, I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!

But first, we have to gather some evidence.

Just like this.

Before and After Photos

Let’s see if the former judge has had any work done. I’m sure I will find something.

Did Jeanine Pirro get botox injections?

Jeanine Pirro botox before and after photo compare

I’m going with “yes”.

You can see the increased volume on Jeanine’s face, particularly around her cheekbones and jawline. The smile lines and deep wrinkles around her lips have disappeared also.

This is a telling sign that botox might be at play.

If it’s true, then she hasn’t overdone the fillers. There are no puffy patches and everything looks even and natural.

Has Jeanine Pirro had a facelift?

Jeanine Pirro facelift before and after photo compare

I believe so.

Jeanine had loosened skin on the lower part of her face. The sagging started below her eyes and worsened around her mouth and chin area.

They look much tighter now and a facelift is probably what fixed it.

She looks amazing, right?

Did Jeanine Pirro have an eyelift?

Jeanine Pirro eyelift before and after photo compare

Not sure if you noticed this.

Jeanine’s eyes are not symmetrical. You see it sometimes when she talks on Fox News or on The Five. Her left eye does not align with her right.

Perhaps reading a lot of books can do this to you? (It’s not easy being a judge).

But I think an eyelift is another possibility.


Even though Judge Jeanine has not openly talked about having cosmetic surgery, but I think she is a success story.

You just don’t look this good when you’re over 70.

My guess is she has connection with the best plastic surgeon in the country.

Please prove me wrong.