I can’t ignore this anymore!

Jennifer Coolidge is looking incredible lately and the only reason I can think of is plastic surgery.

That’s why I’m doing a full investigation today.

Want to join me?

Before and After Photos

To find out if Jennifer has had any work done, I have put together the following comparison photos. Check it out.

Did Jennifer Coolidge get a facelift?

Jennifer Coolidge facelift before and after photo compare

You can see it too.

Jennifer’s face looks lifted compared to her old photo. Her jawline was literally sagging and that’s no longer the case.

So, I believe a facelift is very possible.

In fact, Jennifer most likely had a neck lift too. She no longer has a turkey neck.

Did Jennifer Coolidge have botox?

Jennifer Coolidge botox before and after photo compare

Even though Jennifer has put on weight in recent years, the plumpness on her face seems to be more than just natural fat.

I’m thinking botox here.

The extra volume and improvement on her droopy face cheeks is a telling sign.

Has Jennifer Coolidge had lip fillers?

Jennifer Coolidge lip fillers before and after photo compare

I’m leaning toward a “yes”.

You can clearly see the extra volume on her lips.

However, the lip injections administered seems very minor. I think she was just trying it for fun and may not be her permanent thing.

Did Jennifer Coolidge get a boob job?

Jennifer Coolidge boob job before and after photo compare

Sorry about the blurriness.

This is the only throwback picture of Jennifer that I could find which showed her body.

Her bust size has definitely gotten bigger and breast implant is one way to explain it.

Another would be a breast lift, but that’s only if her new boob size came naturally with the increased body mass.


Is this another success story?

I believe so. Jennifer has definitely spent money to improve her looks and cosmetic surgery seems to be on the list.

She just keeps looking better and better!