It’s amazing how gorgeous Jennifer Aniston is looking in her 50s, but I have a feeling that plastic surgery could be the reason.

Oh yes, I’m seeing glimpses of it!

Even though the actress hasn’t spoken out in recent years but that won’t stop me from discovering the truth.

I’m sooooo ready for this.

Before and After Photos

Let’s compare some photos of Jennifer and see if we can find anything “unnatural”.

Did Jennifer Aniston have a nose job?

Jennifer Aniston nose job before and after photo compare

According to Jennifer, she underwent a small procedure to correct a deviated septum years ago. However, it wasn’t for cosmetic purposes.

Instead, the so called “nose job” was done to give her a better sleep.

Based on the photos above, I can’t tell much difference either. So, I believe her.

Did Jennifer Aniston get a chin reduction?

Jennifer Aniston chin reduction before and after photo compare

It’s no secret that Jennifer has a big chin.

However, she knows how to hide it with her hairstyles, which we can all agree is more than dazzling!

The size of her chin still looks the same so I don’t think she had it reduced.

Did Jennifer Aniston have botox?

Jennifer Aniston botox before and after photo compare

This is where things got interesting.

There are moments when Jennifer’s face looked stiff and puffy. This was quite obvious around her face cheeks.

Her smile lines are not as deep as before and she is almost wrinkle-free!

So, this could be botox doing its magic. What do you think?

Has Jennifer Aniston had a facelift?

Jennifer Aniston facelift before and after photo compare

I don’t believe she has.

While Jen’s face does look fabulously smooth, I haven’t seen enough evidence to suggest that she got a facelift.

At most, it could be the effects of facial fillers, which is what I’m suspecting her of having.

Did Jennifer Aniston have a boob job?

Jennifer Aniston boob job before and after photo compare

Okay, I’m not going to lie.

I’m super jealous of Jennifer’s body (who isn’t?) but at the same time, I have always wondered if she’s got breast implants.

It’s just a girl intuition if you know what I mean.

And the answer is “no”. Her chest size looks identical throughout the years.

Has Jennifer Aniston had her teeth done?

Jennifer Aniston teeth before and after photo compare

I don’t think so.

It seems like Jennifer have always had nice teeth and she maintains them quite well.

I’m sure she goes to the dentist for a regular clean but that’s probably it.


Jennifer is not getting younger but her face is resisting to age.

I think cosmetic surgery is what has been helping her.

I doubt she has done anything heavy though. Maybe an injection here and there, something she said she will never get. But hey…people change, right?

And if it works…