You’ve seen Jenna Ortega dazzle on the big screen.

But what happens when her makeup brushes are stashed away?

Well, I’m here to tell you that she’s a natural beauty maestro!

And here are 10 pictures to prove it.

1. Beachside Bliss

Jenna Ortega relaxing at the beach without makeup
@dupuiseloise12 / Pinterest

Jenna’s face is the definition of “lit from within” as she basks in the sun’s warm embrace at the beach. No makeup needed to enhance that infectious beachy glow. She’s the sun goddess we all aspire to be.

2. Swashbuckling Chic

Jenna Ortega practice fencing
@p4wornZ_ / Pinterest

When Jenna takes on fencing practice for her role in “Wednesday,” she doesn’t just nail the moves—she nails the look too. Caught sprawled on the floor after an intense session, she’s a warrior princess, makeup-free and ready to conquer the world.

3. Toothpaste Diva

Jenna Ortega brushing teeth while taking a selfie
via Reddit

Brushing teeth is a daily chore, right? Not when Jenna does it! She pulls off a selfie mid-brush, looking glamorous enough to grace a magazine cover.

4. Before Going To Bed

Jenna Ortega before going to sleep
@NeonGiallo / Twitter

Late-night scrolling is a universal habit, and Jenna is no exception. But here’s the twist: she’s bedtime-beautiful without makeup and that makes me kinda jealous.

5. Waking Up Fabulous!

Jenna Ortega wake up looking stunning
Instagram @ jennaortega

While we hit the snooze button for the fifth time, Jenna wakes up looking like she just stepped out of a beauty ad.

Messy hair? Check. Makeup-free? Check. Stunning and sexy? Oh, you bet!

6. Pink Head-Turner

Jenna Ortega wearing a pink headpiece
@disneychannel_ / Pinterest

A pink hair net? A scarf? Who cares when Jenna’s wearing it!

With her trademark confidence and a grin that says, “I slay,” she proves that beauty is all about owning your style. Nothing else matters – including lipstick and mascara.

7. Sip and Shine

Jenna Ortega smoking and drinking in public

Enjoying wine and a cigarette at an outdoor restaurant, Jenna flaunts her carefree spirit, unbothered by the absence of makeup and good posture.

8. Unfiltered Beauty in a Selfie

Jenna Ortega looking natural and beautiful in this unfiltered selfie
Instagram @ jennaortega

Here’s a selfie where Jenna was just being herself. Soft hair, sleepy eyes, and a comfy black hoodie—it’s the definition of unfiltered beauty.

9. Weirdly Captivating

Jenna Ortega acting weird but looks pretty with no makeup on
Instagram @ jennaortega

Jenna’s ability to switch effortlessly between emotions is part of what makes her a remarkable actress. In this makeup-free shot where she appears emotionless, much like her character Wednesday, her natural beauty still shines through, making her strangely captivating.

10. Child Star Charm

Jenna Ortega when she was still a child star
via Facebook

Before her Hollywood stardom, Jenna was a child star exuding pure, natural charm. This throwback snapshot reminds us that her talent and charisma have been present from the very beginning.