Japanese wearable bean bag

This Japanese wearable bean bag is going to change your home and work-from-home lifestyle forever!

If you want to chill, sit down.

And if you want to work, just sit right down!

Theeeese innovative bean bags are the latest creation from the Japanese-based company Takikou Sewing, designed to let you relax and work from anywhere at any time.

Pear shaped wearable beanbag
Image Credit: Reuters

The pear-shaped design resembles a beans cushion that you can actually wear on your body. Made from 100% polyester, the bean bags have four openings for your head, arms, and legs.

While you may not want to wear them in public, they can certainly change the way you move around at home.

A Versatile Addition to Any Home or Workspace

Japanese houses are known for being small in size, so wearable bean bags could be a great way to save space. You can replace your bed, desk, and chairs with just one of these bean bags.

And picture this: You are starting a new business in a small office and is constantly working late. You want to take a power nap, but don’t have a couch. Well, just put one on!

Napping Made Easy

Sleeping in a wearable bean bag
Image Credit: Reuters

If you need a quick nap, just lay down and let the bean bag do its magic. The beads can be pushed up to act as a pillow for neck support, and the cushion will transform into a mattress. It’s a comfortable and convenient way to catch some shut-eye.

Comfortable TV Viewing

Watching TV in a wearable beanbag
Image Credit: Reuters

When you want to relax and watch TV, the thick cushioning of the bean bag will make it much more comfortable. Binge your favorite shows in total comfort!

Using the beanbag like a portable computer desk
Image Credit: Reuters

And just like that, it can be turned into a portable laptop desk allowing you to finish off that important project on the spot.

The Perfect Companion for All Seasons

According to a buyer, Yuu Matsuzaki, she said the wearable beanbag could prove a seasonal hit in Japan, where many homes typically lack central heating.

‘It was lighter than I thought, but it’s warm,’

‘I think in winter you’d feel pretty toasty after putting this on.’ she said.

Even though this may be the perfect companion in the cold winter, it can also be the plushy buddy that you’d want in autumn, spring, and summer!

Taking off wearable beanbag and use as normal
Image Credit: Hanalolo ハナロロ

Simply take it off and use it as a normal beanbag chair or pillow. Too easy!

Three Sizes to Fit Adults and Children

The Hanalolo Wearable Bean Bag is currently being sold on Rakuten and is available in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) and four different colors: Moss green, Natural Beige, Mocha, and Charcoal gray.

Prices are as followed:

S (Dimension: 45 x 40 x 55 cm, Weight: 1.1kg) – 7,800 yen (USD $58)
M (Dimension: 60 x 50 x 75 cm, Weight: 2.2kg) – 9,800 yen (USD $73)
L (Dimension: 80 x 60 x 105 cm, Weight: 5kg) – 15,800 yen (USD $118)

Family having fun with wearable beanbags
Image Credit: Hanalolo ハナロロ

Family time just got a whole lot more fun!

Throw on one of these bad boys and bounce around together, or just chill wherever you please – living room, bedroom, or garden!