I have always considered Jake Gyllenhaal to be a genuinely good-looking actor and so have never questioned his appearance.

But now that he has turned 41, I think it’s time to take a real look.

I want to know if Jake has ever gotten cosmetic surgery in the past and also the present, especially with aging knocking on his door.

Yes, I’m curious.

Did Jake Gyllenhaal have a nose job?

Jake Gyllenhaal nose job before and after photo compare

How did I miss something so obvious?

I can’t believe it! Jake’s nose looks so different compared to his younger self and I don’t think maturity alone was enough to create such a masterpiece change.

He used to have a rather bulbous nose shape, a blunt nose tip, and smaller nostrils. These less-desirable features are gone, possibly thanks to a nose job.

Did Jake Gyllenhaal get botox?

Jake Gyllenhaal botox before and after photo compare

Visible lines and wrinkles have made way onto Jake’s face in recent years.

He’s noticed them too and has clearly done something about it.

I’m guessing botox was his choice of treatment as there are now fewer lines around his eyes and his forehead looks much smoother too.

Has Jake Gyllenhaal had a facelift?

Jake Gyllenhaal facelift before and after photo compare

I don’t think so.

Jake is in his early 40s and a facelift is probably not a procedure he needs right now. I haven’t seen any evidence either.

I think facial filler might be the only thing that Jake has been using to combat aging.


I hate to admit it, but I could be wrong about Jake being a naturally handsome man after all.

He is still very good looking but may have used plastic surgery to correct a few flaws.

If it’s true, then these fixes were executed perfectly as it looks very natural on him and totally caught me by surprise.