With his popularity soaring, Jackson Wang is a busy man.

To keep himself in top shape, the Chinese rapper has to stay disciplined when it comes to his diet and workout plans.

So, what does he eat and how does his exercise routine fit into his work schedule?

Let’s take a look.

Jackson’s Everyday Diet

During an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR, Jackson revealed what his diet plan is like.

But when it comes to food in general, we’ve noticed that he is actually quite open, although there are certain ingredients Jackson tries to avoid like carbs and spicy food.

Here, we will break it down for you:

Breakfast Menu

As a busy artist, Jackson doesn’t have time to get fancy with breakfast, and this is what he’ll usually have in the morning.

Chicken Smoothie

Jackson Wang making his chicken smoothie
Youtube / MTV News

This is the first thing that Jackson MUST have each morning, and that is…

Drum roll please…his fruits, vegetable and chicken breast smoothie!

Yes, you heard that right.

He absolutely loves it and the ingredients are as follow:

  • Orange
  • Grapes
  • Apple
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Chicken Breast (Grill, Baked or Boil)
  • 1 cup of water

Besides the chicken pieces, everything else is fresh and raw. He would blend everything together and just drink it like that.

This is his version of protein shake and sometimes, he likes to add strawberry, pear, honey and ice to make it taste better. And if he wants to skip the protein, he would just leave the chicken out and make a green smoothie instead.


Jackson Wang's favorite cereal is Frosted Flakes
Youtube / First We Feast

Jackson has a special love for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and if he doesn’t eat it for breakfast, he would have it as a snack.

Besides this brand, Jackson has indicated that he also likes Coco Pops during a podcast with WatersOnAir.


Jackson Wang likes coffee
Instagram @ jacksonwang852g7

As the ambassador for Nescafe Gold Crema, it’s no secret that Jackson likes his coffee.

However, during his working days, he sticks to Iced Americano because it helps with his water retention so he doesn’t look swollen on camera.

Lunch Menu

Let’s see what Jackson eats at the middle of the day.


Jackson Wang eating salad
Instagram @ jacksonwang852g7

With a busy schedule, it’s important for Jackson to get his daily vitamins. So, he would have salads for lunch and eat lots of greens.


Jackson Wang has an unusual way of eating burgers
Pinterest / Estee

A burger is what Jackson considers a weekend cheat meal. However, he would remove the top bun to lower his carb intakes.


Jackson Wang eating pizza

Pizza is another cheat meal that the Hong Kong singer loves. It’s not the healthiest food but given the amount of dancing and workout he does, a few slices won’t hurt.

Dinner Menu

With a slim physique and busy working life, Jackson probably doesn’t eat much for dinner. But when he does, these are his preferred meals.

Meat & Wine

Jackson Wang cutting his beef steak
Pinterest / narmars1711

It’s no secret that Jackson likes to get his protein from meat so he enjoys a steak for dinner at times. Here, we see the rapper digging into his beef.

The GOT7 star has also mentioned that he likes to enjoy his meat with a glass of white wine and Cloudy Bay is his number one choice.


Jackson Wang having pasta
Twitter / archiveswang

Jackson has a love and hate relationship with pasta. For one thing, he loves Carbonara but he’s also trying to reduce carbs in his diet.

So, this is not something he would eat daily.

Hot Pot

Jackson Wang having hot pot with James Corden
The Late Late Show With James Corden

When the rapper appeared on the famous TV show, he showed James Corden a traditional dish that Chinese people loves to eat, including himself.

I feel like hot pot or steamboat really suits Jackson’s diet because he gets all the vegetables and protein he needs while controlling his carb intake.

Snack Menu

Jackson Wang eating snacks
Instagram @ jacksonwang852g7

Like most people, Jackson likes to indulge in many snacks. To keep this post short, we will list out his favorite picks below.

  • Hong Kong style egg puffed waffles
  • White Rabbit Creamy Candy
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Haw Flakes (Shanzha Hawthorn Biscuits)
  • Sachima
  • Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes
  • Rice Krispies Treats
  • Dim Sum
  • Honey Water (late night snack)

Jackson’s Workout Routine

Despite all the dance practices that Jackson does, he tries to stay active and would exercise whenever he has time.

Gym Training

Being a celebrity means he can’t always workout in public places or facilities, so he would hit a private gym instead.

Let’s see the type of training Jackson likes to do.

Walking and Running

Jackson Wang working out on the treadmill
Instagram @ jacksonwang852g7

Cardio training is important for any singer because it increases their lung capacity. Here we see Wang taking a walk on the treadmill.

Looks like a warm up round to me before he goes for the long run.

Biceps and Triceps

Jackson Wang doing dumbbell curls
Instagram @ jacksonwang852g7

We can all agree that Jackson has gorgeous arms and upper body. That’s because he likes to work on his biceps and triceps by doing dumbbell curls.

Back and Shoulders

Jackson Wang shoulder and back training

Jackson has taken an interest in shoulder and back training in recent years. He’s been learning a lot about gym equipment to use from experts to get effective results.

Push-Ups and Sit Ups

Jackson Wang doing push ups
Pinterest @ valeria13

Ever wonder how Wang gets his chest muscles and abs?

Well, it’s clear that he does a lot of push ups and sit ups to train his core muscles.

Other Exercises and Sports

It’s no secret that Jackson is an active person and enjoys a variety of sports and exercises. Let’s see some of his favorites.


Jackson Wang swimming in the pool
Twitter / jackyverse

In case you didn’t know, Jackson is a great swimmer and is often seen having a late night dip in the pool.

This is also a way for him to train his cardio and burn calories.


Jackson Wang playing football
Pinterest @ MariannaJureg

The K-pop star was recently seen at a game of football with his co-workers in Thailand. It’s clearly not his first time playing the sport.


Jackson Wang likes basketball
Instagram @ wangseunie7

Basketball is one of Jackson’s favorite sports and I heard he’s pretty good too.


Jackson Wang showing James Corden his fencing skills
The Late Late Show With James Corden

Growing up in an athlete family, Jackson developed a love for fencing. He even competed in the 2010 Youth Olympics but left the sport to follow his passion in K-pop.

(Featured Image Credit: Youtube / GYM JONG KOOK)