Top 10 Hyuna Without Makeup Photos Revealed

It’s no coincidence that Hyuna is one of the hottest South Korean female singers in the world. When you have her talent, along with a beautiful face, all it takes is a little makeup to complete the package.

I can’t remember how many times I’ve replayed Kim-Hyuna’s videos just to study her looks and styles. Don’t get me wrong, her music is incredible but at the same time, she is a babe!

Even though she does use heavy cosmetics, but unlike most Korean girls who depend on them, it’s easy to see that she was born with gorgeous facial features.

To prove my claims, let’s check out 10 pictures of Hyuna without makeup.

After this, you’ll definitely see her natural beauty.

1. Cute Bunny or Pig?

Hyuna with bunny or pig ears?

via Pinterest

I can’t exactly make out if those are bunny ears or pig ears. Whatever animal it is, all I know is that Hyuna was young, cute and with no makeups too.

2. Getting Hair and Makeup Done

Just look how relaxing she is getting her hair and makeup done by professional stylists. I suppose when you’re at her status, these privileges are nothing more than norms.

3. Inside Dance Studio

Here we see a makeup-less Hyuna taking a selfie before sweating it out in the dance studio. Doesn’t she look pretty?

4. Big White Hat

It’s a beautiful bright sunny day and this Korean singer is showing off her most natural smile under a big white sun hat. Without any mascaras and eyeshadows blocking the way. Now, this is true happiness.

5. Thin Lips

Hyuna’s lips actually look quite thin with no lipsticks on, especially when she’s making this cute facial expression.

6. Coffee Time

Hyuna is a coffee lover

via Instagram / hyunah_aa

Like myself, this superstar is a true coffee lover and she doesn’t mind telling people about it too. Gosh…I want a coffee now!

7. Magazine Photoshoot

Hyuna in a magazine photoshoot

Photo Credit: Grazia Magazine

Here’s a photoshoot Hyuna did for the Grazia magazine where she went makeup-free. Both the photographer and the editor in chief did an incredible job because she looks amazing.

8. Side Face View

There are certain blushing techniques that one can apply to make her face shape look thinner. Judging from this side face view, however, I doubt she needs it.

9. Sleepy Eyes

I guess many of us have seen Hyuna’s smokey eyes, but I bet you haven’t seen her sleepy eyes. Well, here’s one and do you recognize her without eyelashes?

10. Blonde Glasses Look

It’s not unusual for Korean celebrities to dye their hair blonde, but it’s not often you see one on the street without makeup. I’m not sure if it was easy for the paparazzi to spot her. Perhaps the blonde hair, blue jumper and white glasses frame helped?

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