Yes, Gwen Stefani looks different.

I have good reasons to believe that plastic surgery is behind her transformation.

And I have pictures to prove it!

You won’t find these elsewhere.

Before and After Photos

These comparison photos were put together by me exploring the “No Doubt” singer’s face and body. Take a peek!

Did Gwen Stefani have botox?

Gwen Stefani botox before and after photo compare

It’s hard to ignore Gwen’s puffy face moments. I have seen it a few times.

And in case you are wondering, she wasn’t pregnant when this pic was taken and her swollen face cheeks wasn’t due to any weight gain.

The only logical explanation I can think of is botox, especially when Gwen hardly has a wrinkle on her.

Has Gwen Stefani had a facelift?

Gwen Stefani facelift before and after photo compare

At 53, Gwen has been taking care of her skin extremely well.

Her face is near flawless and I haven’t seen any sagginess either. So, a facelift is probably not on her radar at the moment.

I guess facial fillers are doing wonders for her so far in terms of tightening skin and keeping lines at bay. Let’s see what happens in the coming years.

Did Gwen Stefani get a nose job?

Gwen Stefani nose job before and after photo compare


Gwen used to have a blunt nose tip that has become pointy and more upturned. She also had a wider nose bridge and that bone has slimmed down slightly.

Makeup is only part of the story. These changes indicate to me that a nose job might have taken place.

Does Gwen Stefani have lip fillers?

Gwen Stefani lip fillers before and after photo compare

Despite the heavy lipstick, Gwen’s top lip is naturally thin compared to the bottom.

However, her lips are looking more even recently so lip injections might be doing rounds.

It’s probably not a permanent thing though.

Has Gwen Stefani had a boob job?

Gwen Stefani boob job before and after photo compare

The chance is high.

Gwen’s breasts seem to have gone up at least one size compared her “No Doubt” days. Her chest was relatively flat back then.

She most likely had breast implants but a fat grafting procedure is also possible since the size upgrade is moderate.

It’s clear she doesn’t want her body to look fake.


Even though Gwen has not admitted to any cosmetic surgery in public, there are multiple clues laying around.

In fact, she could be an expert in this field as she seems to know exactly what she wants and how to get it to look amazing!

Every change has been minor, modest or barely noticeable, which is the key to looking real and natural.

So, either I’m wrong or she has mastered the art.