Well, the rumor mill has certainly been buzzing with talks of actress Erin Moriarty possibly having gone under the knife.

Personally, I do think she looks different.

But I can’t say if it’s plastic surgery until I do my homework below.

Let’s dive in.

Before and After Photos

Here are some comparisons that I’ve done on Erin. This should help us solve the mystery surrounding the rumors.

Did Erin Moriarty have a nose job?

Erin Moriarty nose job before and after comparison photo

I couldn’t help but notice a striking transformation in Erin’s appearance – her nose.

Gone is the rounded tip, now replaced by a more defined and upturned one. The bridge appears to have undergone a refinement process, giving it a more delicate appearance.

It’s not the work of makeup, in my opinion. I’m 80% convinced that Erin has undergone a nose job. What about you?

Did Erin Moriarty get lip fillers?

Erin Moriarty lip fillers before and after comparison photo

Erin’s lips are undeniably voluminous, adding a mesmerizing touch to her natural beauty.

Her top lip, in particular, appears to be plumped to perfection. It wasn’t there before.

One has to wonder if lip injections are the secret behind her newfound luscious pout.

I’d say very likely.

Has Erin Moriarty gotten botox?

Erin Moriarty botox before and after comparison photo

Still in her 20s, aging is probably the last thing Erin has to worry about.

If she was to turn to botox, it wouldn’t be for lines and wrinkles.

The versatility of facial filler extends far beyond just anti-aging, as it can also be used to sculpt and contour the face.

And, with her chiseled features, it wouldn’t be surprising if botox is the reason.

Did Erin Moriarty have a facelift?

Erin Moriarty facelift before and after comparison photo

Nope, not happening!

This talented actress is still a baby. Her face is silky smooth and she has plenty of time before considering a facelift.

And as far as evidence goes, I’m coming up empty-handed.

But hey, let’s just enjoy her youthful glow for now!

Has Erin Moriarty had a boob job?

Erin Moriarty boob job before and after comparison photo

If you’re a fan of the hit series “The Boys,” then you know Erin Moriarty has a physique that could stop traffic.

Her portrayal of Annie January has sky-rocketed her to fame and sparked rumors of a boob job along the way.

But, being the curious type, I did some investigating and dug up some old photos of Erin. After careful examination, I couldn’t find any evidence of breast implants.

So, I’ll just have to chalk it up to her amazing genetics and leave it at that.”


In my humble opinion, Erin Moriarty may have made a visit to the plastic surgeon’s office, specifically for some facial enhancements.

And, if it’s true, then I must say, the results are simply stunning! It’s clear that cosmetic surgery has taken her natural beauty to new heights.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Form your own opinions and let’s agree to disagree!

(Featured image credit: Instagram @ erinelairmoriarty)