Ever since Dominique Sachse left news anchoring and started her YouTube channel, she just keeps looking better!

And I think plastic surgery is involved.

The truth is, Dominique has admitted to a “few” secrets herself.

But did she reveal everything? Let’s find out.

Before and After Photos

There are a couple of procedures that I’m suspecting Dominique of having. Check out my comparison photos below.

Has Dominique Sachse had botox?

Dominique Sachse botox before and after photo compare

Yes, she is a big fan.

In fact, Dominique has been very open about her facial fillers and has posted a number of videos about it with her plastic surgeon.

She has gotten botox on most parts of her face and has shown how these injections were performed on camera.

Here is a video of her getting botox around her forehead, brows and eyes.

The best part is, Sachse hasn’t overdone any of her fillers and knows exactly how to keep things looking natural.

Very important!

Did Dominique Sachse get a facelift?

Dominique Sachse facelift before and after photo compare

Dominique has never admitted to having a facelift, but I think the chance is high.

She is an advocate for non-surgical facelifts though and has recommended a few to her followers. However, I’m not so sure if the result can be this amazing.

She looks too good for someone in her mid 50s. Don’t you think?

Did Dominique Sachse have a nose job?

Dominique Sachse nose job before and after photo compare

I’m going with a “no” here.

While Dominique’s nose does look slightly slimmer nowadays, but her overall nose shape still looks the same to me.

The thinning can come with age and weight differences. I don’t think she got nose job.

Does Dominique Sachse have breast implants?

Dominique Sachse breast implants before and after photo compare

Very likely.

Even though Dominique has never said a word about having breast implants, but this comparison seems to be telling us something.

Despite the clothing, the Youtuber clearly had a smaller chest back then. So, a boob job is probably the only way I can explain the bust size difference.

What do you think?


Let’s put it this way.

Dominique is a beauty influencer, but it doesn’t mean she has to tell us everything about her appearance, including cosmetic surgery that she might have undergone.

She looks gorgeous so whatever she has been doing is clearly working.

What she chooses to share with the public is ultimately, her choice.