35 Craziest Lady Gaga Outfits And Costumes Over The Years

When it comes to outrageous fashion, Lady Gaga definitely tops the pack. Her sense of style is unlike any other celebrities I have ever written on.

Perhaps it was a way to get people to notice her music because it was too difficult to ignore her existence. When she first stepped onto the scene, she would wear some of the most insane clothes and costumes for her performances and onto the red carpet.

Needless to say, she succeeded with a BANG!

Along with her amazing vocals, she has dominated Hollywood both visually and audibly. But I have always wondered whether Lady Gaga would be where she is today if it wasn’t for those crazy outfits and accessories.

So, to celebrate her success and to remind us how far she has come, here are 35 of the craziest outfits that Lady Gaga has wore over the years.

This is going to be awesome!

1. Black Hair with Leopard Print

Lady Gaga with black hair and leopard print top

This photo was taken in 2007, one year before Lady Gaga’s breakthrough. She was clearly experimenting with styles and didn’t mind trying out this cougar look with her black hair, leopard print top, glittering shorts and finishing off with a black leather jacket and purse.

2. Big Red Riding Hood

Lady Gaga look like the big red riding hood

If little red riding hood became an adult, this is probably what she’ll look like. That is if she’s still into the whole red hood things.

3. Yellow Tiger Raincoat

Lady Gaga in a yellow tiger pattern raincoat

Although it isn’t raining, this yellow tiger print raincoat certainly bought a sense of wilderness in Gaga’s eyes. I really love how it contrasted her platinum blonde hair and the additional black stripe eye makeup was a nice touch.

4. Bubble Sounds Beautiful

Lady Gaga in a bubble dress

Bubbles are nice and soothing to look at. That’s why when Lady Gaga wore this bubble dress on stage, it instantly had a calming effect. But when she opened her voice, she literally gave life to the bubbles and they sounded beautiful.

5. Where Is My Ketchup

Lady Gaga looking for more ketchup

Correct me if I’m wrong. She looks a mad woman who spilled tomato sauce all over her clothes and is now screaming at the waitress to bring her more ketchup.

6. Fairy Floss Monster

Lady Gaga dressed like a fairy floss monster

I don’t know if it was Halloween or she was just trying to create a style to go with her “The Fame Monster” album. It looked like she had cotton candy hair that burst open the black net on her head, then spilling fairy floss all over the side of her face.

Sorry, this one didn’t make sense.

7. Crystal Is The New Black

Lady Gaga with black crystal glasses

Lady Gaga literally created the new black with these crystal glasses. With the power given by the magic wand in her hands, she was leading the fashion trends by example.

8. Not Enough Frogs

Lady Gaga in a costume with many green frogs

Just when I thought her outfits couldn’t get crazier, Lady Gaga came up with this green frog costume. Are you sure there are enough frogs in there? Do you want more?

9. The Red Queen

Lady Gaga looks like a red queen in this outfit

While courageous, this red lace Alexander McQueen number looked elegant on Gaga, but I knew it wasn’t enough for her. So she added an extra layer of face mask and an additional crown making her look like an Egyptian Queen.

10. I Am The Award

Lady Gaga wears an award costume

Why bother attending a Grammys when you already look like a trophy? I guess if you don’t win anything, you can at least take yourself home like an award.

11. Less Than 101 Dalmatians

Lady Gaga with less than 101 dalmatians

I’m not sure what to make of this costume. At first, it looks like she had tentacles coming out of her tail. Then the black spots kind of reminds me of the movie “101 Dalmatians” and it was like they were crawling all over her body.

But I counted it, there are less than 101 dogs there.

12. Wedding Style

Is this the Lady Gaga wedding style?

If Lady Gaga was to get married, I wonder if this is what she’ll be wearing on her wedding day. An elegant wedding dress followed by a ridiculous double plate headpiece.

On second thought, maybe it’s too simple for her.

13. Spiral Galaxy Dress

Lady Gaga in a spiral galaxy dress

The “Born This Way” singer rocked up at the red carpet event wearing a spiral dress that looked like stars orbiting around her galaxy. And as the yellow hair mother of the universe, she held the responsibilities in her hands to ensure the system stays “balance”.

Too bad those high heels weren’t doing her any favors.

14. Indiana Goddess

Lady Gaga looks like an ancient Indiana goddess in this gown

While her gown looks absolutely splendid, it was the golden feather hairpiece that sealed the deal. She looks like an ancient goddess from an Indiana tribe.

15. Meat Dress

Lady Gaga in a meat dress

Lady Gaga has a reputation for being the most daring dresser in the music industry, but she almost broke the internet when she wore this meat dress to the VMA.

Yes, I’m talking about pieces of raw meat wrapping and dangling around your body. The funny thing is, she had a pair of meat shoes to match it too. Fake material obviously, but it caused quite a stir in the animal-loving society.

But then, how can anyone blame her for liking beef…or bacon?

16. Dancing Octopus

Lady Gaga singing and dancing in an octopus costume

Is anyone surprised to see her dressed up as an octopus? I’m not. What surprises me though is how she can dance with that thing on.

17. Walking Christmas Tree

Lady Gaga dressed up as a walking Christmas tree

Ever seen a Christmas tree that could walk and has a bodyguard by its side? Thank me later.

18. Fire Power Top

Lady Gaga with a fire power top

If you think Madonna’s famous cone bra was special, wait till you see the Gaga top that is full of firepower. It literally blasted flames and fireworks right out of her chest. Beat that!

19. Frozen Zombie

Lady Gaga looks like a frozen zombie with this makeup and outfit

She is clearly frozen here so technically, she must be dead. Now if she is able to stand there to take a picture then she must be a zombie. YAY!

20. Japanese Kimono Robe

Lady Gaga dressed like a Japanese sumo wrestler

Lady Gaga went international at the Met Gala dressed up like a Japanese sumo wrestler wearing a robe in this custom kimono-inspired coat designed by Alexander Wang.

21. Graffiti Is Colorful

Lady Gaga in a colorful graffiti style outfit

I really like this colorful piece as it looks like a professionally done graffiti. Her mint green hair is just icing on the cake.

22. Singing Rose

Lady Gaga the singing rose

Doesn’t she look like a singing rose with dark red petals waiting for her to hit that high note?

23. Black Ninja

Lady Gaga in a black ninja outfit looking like an Avenger

Is Gaga trying to get into the Avenger enterprise with this outfit? She looks like a black ninja warrior on a secret mission to save mankind. I believe her superpower is her voice.

24. White Demon

Lady Gaga in a white demon costume

Who said a demon has to be red or black? They can be white too as demonstrated by the evil Gaga who rose from hell. Actually, was she meant to be a ram? Oh well…

25. Largest Hair Wig

Lady Gaga puts on the largest hair wig in the world

Please put this in the Guinness World Record books people. This is officially the largest hair wig in the world!

26. Furry Creature

Lady Gaga dressed up as a furry creature

Whatever Gaga was wearing behind her back don’t look like angel wings to me. Now, if they are not spider legs, then it has to be some type of furry creature…ewww!

27. Nun In Latex

Lady Gaga transformed into a singing nun in latex

Let’s not get religious here people but besides Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act, when was the last time you saw a singing nun? I thought so.

28. Telephone On The Head

Lady Gaga wears a vintage telephone on her head

Why would anyone put a vintage telephone on their head? Oh, that’s right. It’s Lady Gaga so we can’t use logic here.

29. Crime Scene Tape

Lady Gaga uses police crime scene tape as fashion pieces

Forget T-shirts, pants, and dresses. You can literally use police crime scene tapes and make it look fashionable. Too easy!

30. Silver Spiky Balloon

Lady Gaga in a silver spiky balloon costume

If I had to choose the craziest costume from the entire Lady Gaga collection, this gigantic spiky balloon has to top the list. I wonder how many cars it stopped in Paris.

31. LadyMallow

Is Lady Gaga Marshmallow's girlfriend?

If Marshmallow had a girlfriend, I think she would look something like this. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce you to LadyMallow.

32. Mummy Is Alive

Lady Gaga styled up in a crazy mummy look

Luckily, this happened in the streets of London during day time, otherwise, she would have freaked out a few pedestrians with this crazy Mummy look.

Or was she a ghost? I’m not so sure anymore.

33. Flower Face

Lady Gaga Flower Face

Forget Poker Face people, Flower Face is the next big thing.

34. Bomb Squad

Lady Gaga in a bomb squad uniform

Danger danger! There is a bomb in the city and Lady Gaga is taking care of it. I mean, that outfit belongs to the bomb squad, right?

35. Furry Blockhead

Lady Gaga wears a furry blockhead with a golden beak

Has Gaga been playing too much Minecraft or Roblox? She literally turned herself into a blockhead and a furry one that is.

And what’s with the golden beak? Oh, I get it…she’s a bird!

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