Let’s take a look at one of the hottest stars in the rap game, Coi Leray.

From her stunning smile to her killer confidence, I’m here to dissect the rumors surrounding her (possible) encounters with the plastic surgery realm.

So grab your magnifying glasses!

Before and After Photos

Here are the comparison pictures I’ve put together on the Amercian rapper.

Does Coi Leray have lip fillers?

Coi Leray lip fillers before and after photos comparison

It’s clear that Coi is blessed with naturally luscious lips. Even when she removes the lipstick, her top and bottom lip maintain their size and shape.

So, I believe Coi’s lip-filler-free pout is all genetics!

Nothing else.

Did Coi Leray get a nose job?

Coi Leray nose job before and after photo comparison

Now, let’s take a look at Coi’s nose, the majestic centerpiece of her beautiful face.

Let me tell you, her nose shape has remained largely consistent.

Sure, there may be moments when her nose bridge appears thinner, but I put that down to makeup contouring and not a nose job.

Did Coi Leray have a boob job?

Coi Leray boob job before and after photo comparison

No signs of breast implants here!

And I’m glad she didn’t get any.

Leray is known for her slender physique and she embraces it, proving that confidence and talent can make heads turn, no matter the cup size.

Has Coi Leray had a butt lift?

Coi Leray butt lift before and after photo comparison

Clearly not.

Coi’s curves appear naturally proportioned, complementing her overall aesthetic. There is no sign of butt enhancement from what we can see.

To be honest, I think she would look weird with large buttocks.

Did Coi Leray fix her teeth?

Coi Leray teeth before and after photo comparison

Our beloved singer has openly admitted to having braces not once, not twice, but three times!

That dedication to perfecting her pearly whites is commendable. And while her teeth now sport a straight and even alignment, I have a feeling she might’ve gotten veneers too.

Her stunning front teeth seems to tell the story.


I think Coi has been honest.

She hasn’t shied away from enhancing her dental dazzle, and the evidence suggests that Coi’s natural beauty reigns supreme in all other areas.

From her unaltered face to her unenhanced bust and booty, Coi proves that being true to yourself is the most glamorous trend of all.