I don’t know what it is with Chris Pratt, but this guy is ageless.

For a 43-year-old man, his appearance has not dropped a beat!

He’s obviously very good-looking so part of me suspects that plastic surgery is the reason, but it’s hard to tell until I do some side-by-side comparisons.

Just like this.

Before and After Photos

Let’s see if this actor has had any work done.

Did Chris Pratt have a nose job?

Chris Pratt nose job before and after photo compare

I’ll start off with Chris’ nose.

There is no difference from what I can see. His nose tip looks exactly the same as his younger self. While his nose bridge seems slightly thicker today, I doubt anyone would get a nose job for that. The bump could be an old injury that he’s picked up while filming.

So, this is a ‘no’ from me.

Did Chris Pratt get botox?

Chris Pratt botox before and after photo compare

I have been taking a very close look here, but I couldn’t see any unnatural stiffness on Chris’ face, which you’ll tend to notice with botox injections.

Also, the lines and wrinkles around his eyes and forehead appeared to be natural. I have checked pictures of him throughout his 30s and couldn’t find any evidence.

So, surprisingly, I don’t think Chris has gotten any facial fillers. Not yet.

Has Chris Pratt had a facelift?

Chris Pratt facelift before and after photo compare

I’m going to say “no”.

Chris is not at the age where he requires a facelift procedure. It’s also clear that he has been taking care of his face reasonably well over the years.

Therefore, I can’t see why he needs one.

Did Chris Pratt have a hair transplant?

Chris Pratt hair transplant before and after photo compare

Oh la la….we might have found something here.

There was a period when Chris was experiencing hair loss. He definitely had a receding hairline that has since stopped and appeared to have grown back.

It may not look obvious, but I think he has sought help in this area and might have gotten minor hair transplants to regain some mojo.

What do you think?


It’s hard to deny that Chris has good genes.

He has also done extremely well in the skincare department, which explains why he has been able to maintain his youthful appearance.

But some things cannot be prevented, like his hair, for example. I believe this might be the only cosmetic procedure he has gotten.

Nothing else, at least for now.

(Featured image credit: prattprattpratt/Instagram)