As the ambassador of Chanel since 2017, Jennie has been showing off their bags in style!

The Blackpink star carries the brand wherever she goes and thanks to her, I have seen some of the most stylish Chanel handbags that I never knew existed.

And here are my top 10.

1. Chanel 19 Lambskin Handbag

Jennie carrying Chanel 19 handbag

This chanel 19 handbag features black lambskin leather with gold and dark silver tone hardware. The iconic CC logo acts as an interlocking press stud for the fold over top. It matches Jennie’s red top perfectly which also has the CC logo.

Price: $5700

2. Chanel PVC Flap Bag

Jennie with Chanel PVC flap bag

With the trend of clear bags hitting the market, Chanel took the opportunity to create their unique PVC flap bag. This concept is more tailored for the younger market, which Blackpink and Jennie clearly dominates.

Price: $3000

3. Chanel Filigree Vanity Case

Jennie with Chanel Filigree Vanity Case

It looks like a makeup box on the outside, and I think this is why Jennie Kim loves it because that’s what she puts into her handbag most of the time anyway.

Price: $3700

4. Chanel Vintage Pink Timeless Wallet On Chain

Jennie with Chanel Vintage Pink Timeless Wallet On Chain

This timeless wallet style is perfect to go to nightclubs and venues when you don’t want to carry a large bag. Jennie matched it perfectly with her cute pink top and short black skirt. The stockings just makes everything look more elegant!

Price: $2200

5. Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag

Jennie with Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag

Talk about looking cool and classy!

Everything about this Gabrielle hobo bag is black and white, so Jennie donned a black leather jacket, long black pants and a white top to match it. I’m just glad she kept her hair black too, otherwise it would have looked out of place.

Price: $4500

6. Chanel Precision Shoulder Bag

Jennie with Chanel precision shoulder bag

This Chanel furry shoulder bag has to be the cheapest designer bag in Jennie’s collection. It is excellent for college students, which is exactly why Jennie used it when she attended the ACG Parnell College in New Zealand.

The light brown color is low key and it has enough space to carry notes around.

Price: $199

7. Chanel Goatskin Quilted Pastel Waist Bag

I love this chic waist bag as it comes with a wallet that you can slide into the front pocket. The luxurious diamond stitched goatskin leather in the three pastel colors – blue, pink and green complimented each other perfectly.

This is one of Jennie’s favorite Chanel bags because I have seen her carrying it “casually” on several occasions.

Price: $5500

8. Chanel “Custom Made” Pearl Chain Bag

Jennie with Chanel custom pearl chain bag

I couldn’t find this design anywhere, so I believe it was custom made for Jennie.

The pearl chain is the only feature that looks familiar. Everything else seems to be designed according to the Kpop idol’s taste. The soft exterior, the furry double Cs, the multi-color balls, and the tarot-card-like badge.

It’s almost like this bag never existed (well, at least on the internet).

Price: Unknown

9. Chanel Tweed Quilted Rectangular Mini Bag

Jennie with Chanel Tweed Quilted Rectangular Mini Bag

You cannot find a better matching outfit!

Everything on Jennie screams Chanel (her blazer, pants and that blue flap bag of course). They are specially crafted with quilted tweed fabric in blue hues. Lovely!

Price: $4600

10. Chanel HOT RED mini flap shoulder bag

Jennie carrying Chanel mini flap shoulder bag

I’m going to end this post with Jennie’s latest Chanel look at Paris Fashion Week. Yes, she was the latest Blackpink member to hit the 2022 event and did it in RED HOT style.

Let’s ignore her cropped vest and mini skirt for a second, that bright red mini bag with golden hardware has to be the chicest design this year has seen. I am sweating!

Price: $5300