When it comes to BTS’ Jimin, I can’t help but feel a little weak in the knees!

His looks are almost too gorgeous to handle, and it’s hard not to wonder if cosmetic surgery played a role, like many other K-pop stars.

Well, I’m on a mission to uncover the truth.

Are you with me?

Before and After Photos

I’ll be taking a closer look and see if Jimin’s beauty is all-natural or if there’s more than meets the eye.

Did Jimin get an eye surgery?

BTS Jimin eye surgery before and after comparison photo

His eyes are simply captivating.

But from what I can see, Jimin hasn’t had any work done to them.

There are no signs of double eyelids surgery. In fact, he has what some call Monolid eyes and they look amazing because of how big his eye shapes are.

Add makeup and Jimin’s eyes can go from captivating to downright hypnotizing!

Does Jimin have lip fillers?

BTS Jimin lip fillers before and after comparison photo

I went back to Jimin’s childhood picture for this one.

Isn’t he cute?

And those thick, juicy lips have remained the same size till this day. This is enough for me to discount any lip injection rumors.


Did Jimin have a nose job?

BTS Jimin nose job before and after comparison photo

Nothing suspicious here.

Jimin’s nose shape has not changed much over the years.

Sure, maybe he’s lost a little fat or meat due to growing up (hey, it happens to all of us), but I’m not seeing any smoking gun evidence of a nose job.

Can you?

Has Jimin had a jaw reduction?

BTS Jimin jaw reduction before and after comparison photo

This is one procedure that I seriously think Jimin may have gotten.

Just look how slim his face shape and jawline is compared to before, and I’m not buying the weight loss excuse (they dance daily!).

Botox might be a contender but this is on a whole other level!

I could be wrong but a jaw reduction looks likely.


Every member of BTS is a total babe!

However, Jimin stands out for me. His smile and charisma just makes my heart skip a beat.

But here’s the thing – while everything on Jimin’s face looks natural to me, I can’t help but wonder if those chiseled features are all his own.

I don’t want to start any rumors, but let’s just say I’m a little suspicious.