I’ve been hearing reports that Bryce Dallas Howard had plastic surgery but no one has put forward any evidence.

Anyone? I need pictures and I need proof!

To make things harder, the Jurassic World actress has never said a word about it.

So, I guess it’s up to me to find out.

Before and After Photos

These comparison photos should tell us what we need to know. Take a look.

Has Bryce Dallas Howard had botox?

Bryce Dallas Howard botox before and after photo compare

I’m not kidding.

The first time I saw Bryce’s puffy face, I immediately thought she had too much botox. But when I saw the weight she’s gained on her body, I realized it was just fat.

But seriously, if facial filler is something she wants to get, then this is probably the perfect time to get them because nobody can tell.

I can’t.

Did Bryce Dallas Howard have a nose job?

Bryce Dallas Howard nose job before and after photo compare

If I hadn’t compared these pictures, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Bryce used to have a much thicker nose. Her nose bridge is now clearly thinner and the tip is more defined.

So, I think Bryce might have gotten a nose job.

Did Bryce Dallas Howard get a boob job?

Bryce Dallas Howard boob job before and after photo compare

I don’t think so.

Even though Bryce’s breast size is larger than before, it’s probably due to the natural fat that she has gained.

It’s not unusual for women to gain a cup size after putting on weight and that’s exactly what I think it is.

She did not have breast implants. They are not fake.

Did Bryce have work done to her teeth?

Bryce Dallas Howard teeth before and after photo compare

It turns out that she did.

Bryce got braces when she was younger and it was most likely for alignment issues.

Other than that, her teeth looks nice and straight. There was no evidence of other work like veneers so I can only assume that’s the only work she did.


Well, I think we might have found something.

Even though Bryce has not confirmed publicly whether or not she’s had cosmetic surgery, her pictures seem to offer us some clues.

At the end of the day, what she wants to do with her face and body is her business. As long as she is happy and is looking fabulous (which she is), I’m happy for her.