Known for her stunning vocals and magnetic presence, Blackpink’s Rosé has stolen the hearts of millions around the globe

However, like many Korean idols, she’s not immune to plastic surgery rumors.

And I will try my best to separate facts from fictions!

Let’s get started.

Before and After Photos

These are my comparison pictures of Roseanne Park (Rose’s real name). Time to put our detective hats on!

Has Rosé had an eyelid surgery?

Blackpink's Rose eyelid surgery before and after photo compared

When comparing Rose’s older pictures to her recent ones, there’s a noticeable difference.

In the past, her eyes were on the smaller side, lacking that oh-so-dreamy double eyelid effect. But in the more recent pics, Rose’s eyes have bloomed like a field of wildflowers, wider and more enchanting than ever.

Could it be the magic of makeup, or perhaps a sprinkle of eyelid surgery? Either way, those eyes are hypnotizing!

Did Rosé have a nose job?

Blackpink's Rose nose job before and after photo compared

Now, let’s zoom in on her nose.

Under similar angles, it’s clear that Rose’s nose shape has remained consistent throughout the years. This includes her cute bulky nose tip and nasal bridge.

I can confidently say that Rose’s nose is as consistent as her killer vocals.

Did Rosé get a boob job?

Blackpink's Rose boob job before and after photo compared


Even since Rose has debuted, her body has only gotten thinner. Those gorgeous dance moves are certainly not giving her a bigger chest either.

You won’t find evidence of a secret breast augmentation. Rose’s curves have always been on the subtle side, and she embraces it!

Did Rosé have work done to her teeth?

Blackpink's Rose teeth before and after photo compared

Rose’s teeth are naturally beautiful, and there’s no indication of any dental work.

I can’t say they are perfect but there are no childhood braces or visible flaws to address.

She was born with a lovely set of teeth and a smile that could outshine the sun.


The only thing I have my doubts on are Rose’s eyes.

Otherwise, the rest of her face and body appears to be 100% natural and free of any cosmetic surgery.

That’s all, my fellow blinks.