Blackpink Rose pink hair look

It’s been a while since we last saw Blackpink’s Rose in public with her gorgeous pink hair.

I’m not going to lie – I really miss it! (Don’t you?)

When Rosé was sporting this hair color, she was totally owning it.

So, I’ve decided to do a recap today. Enjoy!

1. Mini space buns with fringe

Rose pink mini space buns with fringe
Instagram @ roses_are_rosie

As if pink hair wasn’t cute enough, Rosé decided to add some mini space buns and topping it off with highlighted pink fringes.

That matching furry coat just makes everything look sweeter!

2. Strawberry blonde top with pink ends

Rose strawberry blonde top with pink ends
Instagram @ blackpinkgsoo

I love this long straight hair on Rosé. She dyed the top with soft strawberry blonde and finished the ends with hot pink.

3. Passing the airport security

Rose passing airport security with pink hair
via Pinterest

Let’s assume that Rose’s passport photo has black hair. I wonder if she’s going to have trouble at the border security with that head color?

But hey…who doesn’t know Blackpink!

4. Pastel pink in a suit

Rose with pastel pink hair in a suit
Instagram @ roses_are_rosie

Who said you can’t look professional with fully bleached hair?

Rosé is killing it with this pastel pink and that suit jacket completes the casual formal look.

5. Smokey eyes go with any hair color

Rose with smokey eyes and light pink hair
Instagram @ roses_are_rosie

If you think smokey eyes only goes with darker hair color, then you are wrong.

The singer proved it.

6. Showing love with her arm

Rose showing love sign with her arm
Instagram @ roses_are_rosie

I’m only guessing here.

It looks like Rosé is trying to show love by making a love sign with her arm.

Well, that’s only half of a love heart of course and the other half will be accomplished by her metallic pink hair. I’ll take it.

7. Long double ponytails

Rose with long double ponytails
Instagram @ roses_are_rosie

I can only think of 3 other girls who can sport a long double ponytails as cute as her.

Who are they?

8. Millennial pink with black headband

Rose millennial pink with black headband
Instagram @ roses_are_rosie

Let’s ignore her waist length hairstyle here for a second.

There seems to be a message behind this picture. I’m talking about that millennial pink color along with that black headband.

It’s got black and it’s got pink. Get it?

9. Flower makes everything look prettier

Rosé with flower on her head
via Twitter

Don’t get me wrong.

Rosé looks very pretty here and there is nothing wrong with her head. But that flower just makes everything look prettier!

10. Korean Barbie girl

Rosé is the Korean barbie girl
via Pinterest

If there was a competition to find the Barbie girl of Korea, then Rosé will certainly have my vote. She looks like a doll with those wavy hair.

11. Is that a hair extension?

Rose with pink hair extension
Instagram @ roses_are_rosie

I know this Kpop idol has really long hair, but that high ponytail seems longer than what she has naturally.

So, I think she might have gotten hair extension here. What about you?

12. Middle part hair with clips

Rose middle part hairstyle with hair clips
via Pinterest

People, I present to you the “Pink Sea”.

This is when Rosé parted her pink hair in the middle and kept it separated with hair clips.