In a world obsessed with contouring and glam, Blackpink’s beloved Lisa proves that true beauty shines brightest when the makeup comes off.

From playful selfies to gym sessions and even army-inspired, we’ve gathered 12 mesmerizing moments that showcase her stunning bare-faced allure.

Get ready to witness the jaw-dropping beauty that needs no touch-ups!

1. Showing Blinks Her Skincare Routine

Blackpink's Lisa showing fans her skincare routine
via TikTok

Lisa gave us a mind-blowing glimpse into her skin care routine. Not sure about you blinks but her flawless bare skin is absolute goal!

2. Just stepped off the plane

Blackpink's Lisa just woke up and got off the plane
via Twitter

Imagine stepping off a plane and looking effortlessly stunning. Well, that’s Lisa for you!

With tousled hair and a fresh face, she rocks that “I woke up like this” vibe like nobody’s business. It’s a reminder that even without makeup, Lisa’s natural beauty shines bright and serves as a source of inspiration for those early morning arrivals!

3. Ready to Sweat in MMA Training

Blackpink's Lisa in MMA training
via Pinterest

Lisa in an MMA training session, gloves on, and ready to unleash her inner fighter.

Who needs makeup when you’re slaying it in the gym like a total badass?

4. Selfie With Her Cute Feline Friend

Blackpink's Lisa with her cute cat
Instagram @ lalalalisa_m

Prepare for cuteness overload! Our gorgeous Lisa strikes an adorable pose with her cute furry cat, melting hearts left and right.

5. Sharing a Sad Doggy Moment

Blackpink's Lisa with her dog looking sad
Instagram @ lalalalisa_m

Okay, grab a tissue because this photo is tugging at the heartstrings! Lisa and her dog are caught in a moment of (pretend?) sadness. But even without makeup, Lisa’s expressive face and genuine emotions capture the essence of beauty that goes beyond skin deep.

6. Slaying Silver Frames with Zero Makeup!

Blackpink's Lisa in public wearing thin silver glasses without makeup
via Reddit

No makeup? No problem!

Lisa effortlessly rocks those thin silver frames, channeling serious boss vibes while flaunting her natural beauty.

7. Lisa Joined an Army?

Blackpink's Lisa in army uniform with no makeup on
via Reddit

Hold your breath folks – Lisa’s army-inspired look is everything! Donning an army uniform (don’t worry, it’s just a TV show), she serves up fierce confidence and shows us that she can rock any style with flair.

8. Near-Nude Makeup Magic

Blackpink's Lisa looks almost barefaced with nude makeup
Instagram @ lalalalisa_m

Who needs layers of powder when you can let your natural facial features take the spotlight?

With blonde-dyed locks, a simple black singlet, and near-nude makeup, Lisa shows us that less is more and that confidence is the real secret to looking flawless!

9. Sunset Stunner!

Blackpink's Lisa next to the beautiful sunset
Instagram @ lalalalisa_m

Lisa posing near a breathtaking sunset, with her long black hair flowing and thick black frame glasses on point. The golden hues of the sky enhance her natural beauty, creating a mesmerizing moment. It’s as if she’s saying, “Nature, you’re beautiful, but so am I!”

10. Cooling Down With a Water Bottle

Blackpink's Lisa cooling down her face with a water bottle
via Pinterest

After a fierce athletic event, Lisa cools down with a bottle of water, showcasing her barefaced beauty and that irresistible post-workout glow. She reminds us that a healthy lifestyle is the ultimate beauty boosters!

11. The Hip-Hop Hottie!

Blackpink's Lisa without makeup and dressed up like a hip-hop girl
Instagram @ lalalalisa_m

Prepare for some serious swag because Lisa’s hip-hop girl look is on fire! Rocking baggy jeans and a baseball cap, she oozes coolness like no other Blackpink member can.

12. Walking To Her Next class?

Blackpink's Lisa looking like a makeup-free college student walking to her next class
via Twitter

Imagine walking through a college campus, and there she is – Lisa, who happens to be makeup-free and yet, effortlessly captures attention.

She looks like a student walking to her next class.