I heard some baseless rumors suggesting that Blackpink’s Lisa had plastic surgery and I’m dying to get to the bottom of it.

Also known by her real name Lalisa Manoban, the Thailand-born Kpop singer is a true stunner! So, I can understand why these noises are circulating.

But whoever is making such claims should at least back it up with evidence.

Like me, right here!

Before and After Photos

I don’t make assumptions unless I have proof.

It takes time to research, sort, edit and compare. We also factor in Lisa’s age, camera angle, facial expression, lighting, and makeup when creating these pictures.

This is how we find answers.

Did Lisa Manoban have a nose job?

Blackpink's Lisa nose job before and after photo compared

When Lisa smiles, her nose looks almost identical to her childhood self.

It’s interesting because her nose wings would spread wider, and her nose bridge and tip would become rounder too. It all happens naturally and is so cute!

To me, this is a clear indication that Lisa did not have a nose job, especially prior to her debut as a member of Blackpink.

It’s also normal to have a flatter nose during childhood and Lisa is no different. She has grown up now and is often seen with nose contouring which explains why her nose shape looks slimmer at times.

But, her smile always gives it away!

Did Lisa have double eyelid surgery?

Blackpink Lisa double eyelid surgery before and after photo compared

Lalisa was born with double eyelids and her childhood picture proved it.

She also has big eyes for a little girl and the eye shape looks similar too.

Therefore, I can confirm that Lisa has never had eyelid surgery, or any eye procedures for cosmetic purposes. She doesn’t need it.

Did Lisa get lip fillers?

Blackpink's Lisa lip fillers before and after photo compared

This is an easy “no” for me.

During her teen, Lisa already has good size lips and nothing has changed. The thickness of her top and bottom lip still looks the same to me.

So, I believe the Blackpink idol never had lip injections and probably never will.

Has Lisa had a boob job?

Blackpink's Lisa boob job before and after photo compared

Whether you’re a blink or not, you have to agree that Lisa has a fantastic body.

This is also why she looks so good with her dance moves. She is tall and slim, and it would be easy to tell if she had breast implants. I just can’t see it.

Ever since she debuted at 19 years old, her chest size has stayed the same.

I’m saying “NO” here.

Did Lisa have work done to her teeth?

Blackpink's Lisa teeth before and after photo compared

Sorry blinks, I think I found something.

Lisa used to have rectangular-shaped front teeth with square and parallel edges. Now, she has oval-shaped teeth with slightly round edges.

So, it’s possible that Lisa has sought cosmetic dentistry. I believe she most likely had a tooth reshaping procedure followed by porcelain veneers.

Now I know the story behind her flawless smile.


For all you blinks out there, I can honestly say that Lisa Manoban is a natural beauty.

However, she did have some minor work done, but it wasn’t done to her face or body though. It was her pearl whites!

Personally, I don’t really consider dental work to be cosmetic surgery but some people may have different opinions.

I’m just happy to have put the rumors to bed.