What if I told you that Blackpink’s Jisoo had plastic surgery?

Nothing is confirmed (yet), but this Korean singer is too pretty and I’ll be very surprised if she didn’t have any work done. Seriously!!

But I’m going to find out today.

Want to join me?

Before and After Photos

I have done my absolute best with these comparison pictures (believe me). Let’s see if Jisoo has ever been under the knife.

Has Jisoo had a nose job?

Jisoo nose job before and after photo compare

I can’t see anything here, guys!

Jisoo’s nose looks exactly the same as her younger self. She has a unique nose tip and you’d know if it has been worked on.

So, I don’t believe Jisoo had a nose job and I’m willing to put my life on it!!!

Did Jisoo have double eyelid surgery?

Jisoo double eyelid surgery before and after photo compare

I’m going to say “no” here.

The Blackpink star clearly has double eyelids before she debuted. So, unless she’s had them done at early childhood, then she was born with them.

To be honest, I have checked Kim Jisoo’s childhood pictures too but they are not clear enough for me to draw a conclusion. So, I’m sticking by her.

Did Jisoo get a boob job?

Jisoo boob job before and after photo compare

Jisoo doesn’t need big curves to make it in this industry.

And I haven’t seen anything crazy going on with her chest either, so I don’t believe she’s had breast implants.

Nothing on her body is fake.

Does Jisoo have work done to her teeth

Jisoo teeth before and after photo compare

The kpop star has perfectly aligned teeth.

I couldn’t find anything to indicate that she’s had braces growing up.

There is no sign of veneers either, so I believe Jisoo was simply born with nice teeth.


Listen up, guys! Jisoo is a natural beauty.

I couldn’t find evidence of cosmetic surgery from my entire investigation. Trust me, I have compared hundreds of pictures and videos.

So, I hope this will end all the rumors about Jisoo once and for all.

I will close this off by saying that I’m a huge Blackpink fan, so even she did, it wouldn’t change a thing. I’ll keep supporting her!

(Featured Image Credit: Instagram @ sooyaaa__)