Ben Affleck plastic surgery

Ben Affleck is officially in his 50s and is defying the laws of time like a boss!

Yes, he looks AMAZING!

But here’s the juicy twist – could plastic surgery be the secret ingredient to his ageless charm?

I’m determined to find out.

Before and After Photos

Let’s see if our Hollywood superstar has had any work done.

Did Ben Affleck get a facelift?

Ben Affleck facelift before and after photo comparison

Ben’s face does look visibly smoother.

At his age, a facelift is certainly a procedure that he would have considered, that’s if he wants to continue to look good on the big screen.

Now, I’m not sure if this is good genes, photo filters, or the work of a skilled surgeon. Personally, I’m leaning towards the latter but I will let you decide.

Did Ben Affleck have botox?

Ben Affleck botox before and after photo comparison

If Ben did get any botox injections, it was a minor job.

My eagle-eyes noticed a slight softening of the nudge between Ben’s eyebrows, suggesting some clever fillers might be at play.

You can see it from these photos, but again, I’ll let you be the judge.

Has Ben Affleck had a nose job?

Ben Affleck nose job before and after photo comparison

I’m on Ben’s side for this one.

After carefully examining the photos, it seems that his nose remains a steadfast feature in his appearance over the years.

From various angles, there isn’t a substantial difference to suggest a nose job. The contours of his nose, both at the tip and the bridge, appear strikingly similar.

Did Ben Affleck fix his teeth?

Ben Affleck teeth before and afer photo comparison

Yes, Ben has admitted to having his teeth done.

You can clearly see how uneven they were and with obvious gaps too.

Apparently, he was asked by the Director of “Armageddon” to get his teeth fixed before starring in the movie.

With the magic touch of veneers and dental wizardry, his smile is now a showstopper.


As the final credits roll on our exploration of Ben’s transformation, we find ourselves still gazing at the silver screen in awe.

Besides his pearly whites, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that Ben Affleck has gone under the knife. However, what continues to amaze me is how charming he looks, even at this age.