I find Bae Suzy very attractive.

But there are countless rumors suggesting that the Korean Idol has had plastic surgery and I want to know the truth.

So, I have put together some comparisons of Suzy below.

Check it out.

Before and After Photos

Alright guys, I definitely saw something strange while putting these together. Take a look and decide for yourself.

Has Bae Suzy had a nose job?

Bae Suzy nose job before and after photo compare

I think Suzy’s nose tip is a dead giveaway.

It’s a lot more defined compared to her younger days. The contrast is amazing, so I reckon a nose job most likely took place.

What do you think?

Did Bae Suzy have an eyelid surgery?

Bae Suzy eyelid surgery before and after photo compare

I don’t believe she did.

The Korean actress clearly has double eyelids before she became popular. Her childhood photos have confirmed the same.

So, this is not a procedure that she needs.

Did Bae Suzy reshape her hairline?

Bae Suzy hairline before and after photo compare

Most likely.

You can tell that Suzy’s hairline has been worked on possibly through a surgery.

She used to have a much lower hairline that seem to have been lifted. Or she might have gotten a laser removal procedure.

Has Bae Suzy had a boob job?

Bae Suzy boob job before and after photo compare

Bae Suzy has a great body.

Even during her singing days in the K-pop girl group Miss A, her breast size looked natural to me.

She has kept it that way, so I don’t believe she had a boob job.

Did Bae Suzy work on her teeth

Bae Suzy teeth before and after photo compare

Even though Suzy has rabbit teeth, she hasn’t done anything to fix them.

They do look cute on her, so I guess she wanted to keep this distinctive feature.

I can’t see any other work done to her teeth including braces or veneers.


There is a reason why Bae Suzy has been hailed as “The Nation’s First Love” by her country of South Korea.

She is absolutely gorgeous!

But I’m still guessing that she’s had a little help with cosmetic surgery.

What about you?

(Featured photo credit: skuukzky/Instagram)