14 Rare Ariana Grande No Makeup Pictures Are Beautiful

Correct me if I’m wrong, but does Ariana sleep with her makeups on?

Honestly, trying to find a picture of her without eyelashes was like a mission to Mars, except I’m not a freaking astronaut!

It was tough alright, but I found them. And I would definitely consider these rares because I had to dig really deep into space (the internet) to find these.

Yes and I’m glad that I did because after seeing these 14 photos of Ariana Grande without makeup, I finally understand why she looks so pretty on cameras. Check it out!

1. Inside The Salon

Ariana Grande Inside The Salon

Ariana was having her hair color change inside a private salon and for some “strange” reasons, she went bare face and didn’t have any cosmetics on whatsoever.

2. Face Mask On

Ariana Grande with face mask on

Like most women, Ariana takes real good care of her face and often use a facial mask at home to maintain her gorgeous appearance. You know, to clean out pores, hydrate the skin, smoothen the texture, etc.

But guess what? In order to get the best results from a face mask (whatever brand that is), she can’t put on any makeup…Yippy Yay!

3. Wait, No Lashes?

Ariana Grande No Lashes

I know I know, and if I’m brutally honest, I think she simply forgot to put on her trademark lashes. She literally wears them everywhere she goes (I don’t blame her though).

Gosh…she has such beautiful natural eyes! I didn’t even realize how prominent her eyelids are until now. Add some fake long eyelashes and we have an angel right here.

4. Pure & Innocent

Ariana Grande Pure and Innocent

Ariana Grande didn’t just become that hot celeb overnight. Like most young girls, she also went through a pure and innocent phase before she found the beauty character for her face.

5. Swimming Look

Ariana Grande Swimming Look

Something tells me that Ariana doesn’t like water too much because I hardly see her swim. Unless it’s for a photoshoot or an MTV, I doubt you’ll ever see her at a beach. But then how does she get her tan these days? Hmmm…fake?

Anyway, to see her hair get wet by the pool here is truly a rare find. The fact that she didn’t wear make-up, not even waterproof ones, just seals the deal for me.

6. Wakeup Selfie

Ariana Grande Wakeup Selfie

Every artist does it, to show everyone how pretty they look the moment they wake up in bed. Although the picture isn’t clear, I suspect she had some help around the eyes.

7. Makeup Tutorial

Ariana Grande Makeup Tutorial

Did you know that Ariana Grande once hosted a makeup tutorial lesson on youtube? No, I’m serious and if you want to see the entire 7m 56s video, you can find it right here.

8. Eat For The Camera

Ariana Grande Eat For The Camera

Who needs the perfect hair and eyeshadows when you’re eating a chocolate bar at home? And if there is a mirror nearby, then make sure you snap a pic like her!

9. Natural Funny Face

Ariana Grande Natural Funny Face

We’ve all seen Ariana Grande pull funny faces before but I bet you haven’t seen one where she is completely makeup-free! Yes, she is so natural here that I could easily see flaws, like the wrinkles around her forehead. I guess she is human after all.

10. Young And Different

Ariana Grande Young and Different

Wow! Ariana looks so different here and I’m beginning to understand why some people think she’s had work done. Personally, I think she was still young so her facial features were still changing. Hey, I look different too when I was younger ok?

11. Goodnight Kiss

Ariana Grande Goodnight Kiss

Was the “Thank U, Next” singer trying to give her fans a goodnight kiss before bedtime? While she wasn’t completely without makeup (lashes again!!!), she didn’t seem to have any concealer or foundation on either. Yes, I can see the mole on her left cheek.

12. Those Eyes Can Talk

Ariana Grande Eyes Can Talk

Besides having an angelic voice, part of the reason behind Ariana’s success is because she has a pair of eyes that talks. This picture proves that she doesn’t need blushes and lipstick to shine. A simple eyeliner followed by a touch of mascara is enough to get the show started.

13. Closeup Selfie

Ariana Grande Closeup Selfie

Do you really think Ariana would post a closeup “no makeup” selfie on social media? I don’t think so either. But if you ignore those lashes (yes, I know) and eyebrows, the rest is clear.

Maybe she did use an Instagram or Snapchat filter…I’m not 100% sure.

14. Catching A Ride

Ariana Grande Catching A Ride

This image was captured by Ariana herself inside a car with a friend. So, why didn’t she have makeup on? Here are 3 possible explanations I could come up with:

  • She’s buying bread and milk, which is like 30 seconds drive from her house.
  • She’s got a hungover and totally forgot about the makeups.
  • She’s still drunk.

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