Ever since Swiss actress and model Aomi Muyock got into an accident that led to the removal of her 3 front teeth, her life has never been the same.

The accident, which happened in 2009, wasn’t to blame for her missing teeth. It was the long recovery process, continuous medication, and complication in treatment that ultimately cost Aomi her pearly whites.

Her teeth (two incisors and one canine) had to be removed in 2015. It was right before she was due to attend the Festival de Cannes for her role in the movie, Love.

Here’s what Aomi’s teeth looks like before and after the removal.

Aomi Muyock teeth removal before and after

Even though her original railings weren’t perfect, it made a big impact on her appearance.

However, that didn’t stop Aomi from attending the 2015 film festival and she was applauded for her courage at the time and made headlines.

During this period, the Swiss model was also featured in a number of photoshoots and publications even without teeth.

In 2016, Aomi got her missing teeth fixed and replaced through cosmetic dentistry.

Aomi Muyock fixed her missing teeth

The beautiful smile is finally back along with the original tooth gap that she clearly insisted on keeping. Aomi then went on with her modeling and acting career for several years.

She starred in her last film, Jessica Forever, in 2018.

After 2019, she slowly stepped away from the spotlight and is seen less in public.

It’s not known what Aomi is doing these days, but she will always be remembered as the girl who went to Festival De Cannes with missing teeth.

I’ll finish this off with her quote.

‘You don’t go to Cannes to look good in the pictures, you go because it’s Cannes!’