Not sure if you’ve picked up on it, but there’s something intriguing going on with Ana Taylor-Joy’s looks.

It practically screams plastic surgery, but hey, I might be jumping to conclusions.

Nevertheless, it’s worth a closer look.

So, buckle up!

Before and After Photos

Let’s analyze the pictures below to see if there are any noticeable procedures that might have taken place.

Did Anya Taylor-Joy get Buccal Fat Removal?

Anya Taylor-Joy face before and after comparison photo

If you’ve been binge-watching Anya and noticed her face looking a bit more sculpted, you’re not alone. The cheeks seem to have taken a little vacation, so I can’t help but wonder if buccal fat removal is the culprit.

To be fair, she has lost a bit of weight in recent years, but I’m not convinced it’s to the extent where her cheeks have noticeably sunken in. She’s never been on the chubbier side to begin with.

While weight loss might offer a plausible explanation, my inclination leans more towards another possibility.

Did Anya Taylor-Joy have a nose job?

Anya Taylor-Joy nose before and after comparison photo

I doubt it.

There isn’t a lot happening with Taylor-Joy’s nose.

I’ve examined it from every angle, and the shape remains consistent.

What about her teeth?

Anya Taylor-Joy teeth before and after comparison photo

Take a good look at her front teeth.

The previously slightly rounded front teeth now showcase a straighter edge, hinting at a potential application of veneers.

And, if I may, I’d throw in a bit of teeth whitening on top.


I just wanted to say that Taylor-Joy looks gorgeous regardless but I suspect there might be some cosmetic enhancements at play.

Which ones?

I’ll let you decide.